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My workday ended with a whimper—demonstrating that I was missing a piece in my understanding of the data translator portion of the stuff we’re working on. Then, I got an e-mail at home saying the CenterWatch project was not quite finished. Just a few revisions in the entire book, including two chapers that seem to […]

Wake up, Neo . . .

Posted: 28th March 2003 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Movies

It’s going to be a great (and long-awaited) summer for fans of The Matrix. Two parts of a series of animated short sequences have been released (and are available for download or via streaming), with more coming soon. The animation was done by Square, the folks who brought us the luscious Final Fantasy: The Spirits […]

Do we tend to act too soon or too late?

Posted: 28th March 2003 by LegoDoug in Politics, Rants

[I]t was the United States—under Bill Clinton, for those of you keeping score at home—that worked hardest to prevent UN intervention or even from saying the word “genocide” in any official documents. Read Samantha Powers’ prize-winning account of this, A Problem from Hell, if you doubt this. It is just this kind of combination of […]

See The mydomain forwarding service is currently experiencing problems and will be taken down temporarily because of a DOS attack. Specifically, the domain, ALJAZEERA.NET, is currently pointed to the mydomain service and causing service problems. The forwarding pool which usually has an average of 600 connection setups/second this time of the day shot to […]

The Geneva What?

Posted: 27th March 2003 by LegoDoug in Politics, Rants

A sad day … U.S. fears soldiers executed … Blair also suspects Iraq killed two British POWs.

People Will Believe Anything, 2

Posted: 27th March 2003 by LegoDoug in Books, Home Life, Humor, Politics, Rants, Uncategorized

I’m going to try to stay out of trouble today, after yesterday’s fiasco of pointing to an extremely inaccurate and anti-semitic conspiracy page. I have always found the Urban Legends section of (formerly The Mining Company) immensely entertaining. It’s also extremely useful in debunking the ever-present hoax virus warnings and too-good-to-be-true “Forward This to […]

War … (Swiped partly from

Posted: 25th March 2003 by LegoDoug in Politics

War … (Swiped partly from Here are a few things to consider when talking about Iraq: President Bush and Saddam Hussein … Saddam is the bad guy. Read the Dossier. If you have faith in the United Nations to do the right thing, keep this in mind: they have Libya heading the committee on […]

The Tigers Pounce

Posted: 25th March 2003 by LegoDoug in Home Life

Today our MLS listing expired—We know this because the phone calls from other realtors have started coming in, asking if we want to list with them. One realtor even came to the house fairly early this morning! We have decided to let our current contract with our realtor expire (it ends at the end of […]

Quite a bit going on this weekend. The primary task was to get a project for CenterWatch finished, including using a combination of MS Word's Table of Contents feature and some Excel formulae to generate an index of Companies by Therapeutic Specialty. I discovered a goof on my part; I needed to have one specific […]

  As usual, the technician felt the need to “correct” Nichelle’s name. Grrr. I told the kids if it’s not a girl, we’re not keeping it …