[tv]Nichelle here: I noticed my husband has failed to mention the rather noisy incident that happened the other night. Well, I'll be nice and fill you all in. Well, Doug and I were recently introduced to a fairly new show, which is now in the second season, called 24 w/ Keiffer Sutherland. Well, the show is very addicting and extremely intense. We love it.
Well, back to the noise, which made me heave myself off the couch and bolt upstairs to find Isaac on the floor crying. He fell out of his top bunk. Well, Doug eventually made it upstairs to see what happened. I was later informed that he was trying to figure out what to do. He could only see himself needing to take a child to the hospital and missing the last half of the episode. The funny thing is we have the whole first season on DVD!!!! He only needed to pause for a moment, but I did mention that the show is really intense…LOL Well, Isaac did hurt himself, but nothing to take him to the hospital. He's fine now. Oh, we haven't yet finished the episode, but we did get another friend hooked on the show, by showing him the first two episodes.

Isaac is 8 Years Old Today

Isaac turned 8 today. It seems like so little time ago he was born at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, delivered 2 months early and at just under three pounds (due to Nichelle developing preeclampsia), after I made the still-talked-about mistake of having her read Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Small Assasin.” I thought she would find it ironic, given the situation. Wrong!

BLOG Updates

The BLOG has gotten a bit older, too. I’ve added a navigation structure (10 entries per page, now), and the masthead.

The Fastest Computer

To quote a famous Bloom County comic strip: “Just what your four-year-old needs to compete in today’s cutthroat world of high-tech and high expectations…”

Nichelle here: We have a few people that come over to use our computers from time to time. One person, named Kherna, has used it on several different occasions. This morning David asked me, “which computer does Kherna use?” I pointed to the one on the right (we have two side-by-side), and his response was, “Why? That’s not the fastest!” I thought that was quite cute, seeing that he’s only 4 and knows the difference.

You think Boston traffic officers are tough?—Try Britain

Read this from Reuters. 🙂

I once got a parking ticket when the fuel pump died on a car I was using; I managed to coast off I-93 at the Government Center exit, and park behind the first legal parking space on the right. This was way before everyone’s dog had his own cell phone, and I had to leave the car to make phone calls, so I left a note on the dash. I thought about leaving the keys in the car so the traffic officer could verify that it really was a breakdown, but then someone would probably have taken the keys or locked them in the car. Obviously, when I got back to the car, it had been ticketed. Next time I’ll just cause a massive traffic jam.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

As we reflected on the day we set aside to celebrate the Resurrection, Nichelle asked David (age 4) what he had learned in Sunday school. He talked about Jesus being buried described the tomb, and said, “Then Jesus used His ‘rise up power.’”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard an adult explain it better.

Goodbye to Los Quinlan

It’s a sad day for us, albeit for a good reason. Eric and Juana Quinlan, along with their sons James and John, are moving today to Georgia, to enroll in college for deaf ministries. Their goal is to work with ministries for the deaf in and around Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.

Eric has been my closest friend since early high school, and our families are very close.

I was actually somewhat responsible for Eric meeting Juana, way back when she was Juana Evangelista del Corazón de Jesus Gonzalez Guerrero, but I will save that story for later.

We will miss them greatly.