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The HTML Tag

Posted: 29th April 2003 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Humor, Technology

Enough said! (Or, as many of the teens on our Sunday school bus would say, “True that!”


Posted: 28th April 2003 by Nichelle in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Isaac, Nichelle, Television, The Kids

[tv]Nichelle here: I noticed my husband has failed to mention the rather noisy incident that happened the other night. Well, I'll be nice and fill you all in. Well, Doug and I were recently introduced to a fairly new show, which is now in the second season, called 24 w/ Keiffer Sutherland. Well, the show […]

Isaac is 8 Years Old Today

Posted: 27th April 2003 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Humor, Isaac, Nichelle

Isaac turned 8 today. It seems like so little time ago he was born at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, delivered 2 months early and at just under three pounds (due to Nichelle developing preeclampsia), after I made the still-talked-about mistake of having her read Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Small Assasin.” I thought […]

The Fastest Computer

Posted: 25th April 2003 by Nichelle in David, Family Members, Home Life, Humor, Technology, The Kids

To quote a famous Bloom County comic strip: “Just what your four-year-old needs to compete in today’s cutthroat world of high-tech and high expectations…” Nichelle here: We have a few people that come over to use our computers from time to time. One person, named Kherna, has used it on several different occasions. This morning […]

Read this from Reuters. 🙂 I once got a parking ticket when the fuel pump died on a car I was using; I managed to coast off I-93 at the Government Center exit, and park behind the first legal parking space on the right. This was way before everyone’s dog had his own cell phone, […]

As we reflected on the day we set aside to celebrate the Resurrection, Nichelle asked David (age 4) what he had learned in Sunday school. He talked about Jesus being buried described the tomb, and said, “Then Jesus used His ‘rise up power.’” I don’t think I’ve ever heard an adult explain it better.


Posted: 21st April 2003 by LegoDoug in Books, Doug, Family Members, Technology, Virii/Medicine

[book]I started and finished reading Michael Crichton’s Prey this weekend, which will give you some idea of how good it was. It was not as scary as Richard Preston’s The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story, but it was not really meant to be. Overall, the story was well-paced and engrossing, but not quite […] April Fools Links

Posted: 17th April 2003 by LegoDoug in Cool Sites/BLOGs, Geekdom, Humor, Technology

For those of you who missed them, here are links to the amusing, and geeky, not-really-for-sale pages from 2004 Pages 2003 Pages 2002 Pages 2001 Pages Enjoy, and let me know what your favorite item(s) are.

Goodbye to Los Quinlan

Posted: 15th April 2003 by LegoDoug in Friends, Home Life, Religion/Church

It’s a sad day for us, albeit for a good reason. Eric and Juana Quinlan, along with their sons James and John, are moving today to Georgia, to enroll in college for deaf ministries. Their goal is to work with ministries for the deaf in and around Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. Eric has […]

Today’s gem from the DNRC Newsletter

Posted: 10th April 2003 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Humor, Work Life

From the Dogbert’s New Ruling Class newsletter: A co-worker was lamenting the fact that she got a speeding ticket on her way to and from traffic court. She concluded with, “I’ve had such a run of bad luck.”