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The King Returned—at Midnight

Posted: 25th May 2004 by LegoDoug in Books, Doug, Geekdom, Home Life, Movies

Last night I went beyond mere fandom, and decided that I would head out to our nearby 24-hour Wal*Mart superstore around midnight to pick up the long-awaited Return of the King DVD. As a bonus, Wal*Mart was giving away a small photoframe magnet for those who picked up the DVD between midnight and 6:00 this […]

[doug]I’ve been interested in the Ford Escape SUV hybrid for a while, not because I hope to be an SUV owner, but because the fascinating technology of hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles is finally hitting the market. This lengthy article is worthy of attention. Thanks to Phil Luchon for the link.

My First Spam in Hebrew!

Posted: 11th May 2004 by LegoDoug in Doug, Geekdom, Hoaxes/Phishing, Technology

I’m so glad that the Internet allows such rapid intercontinental communication. Imagine a world where one’s inbox would not be regularly populated by the decades-old and now primarily e-mail based Nigerian Money Scam, and the like. Horrible!

[doug]I don’t think I’m a bad parent, but recent experience has shown me that, without mothers, most children would never live to see their third birthday. Let me explain a couple of incidents that happened with NaNi this week: Incident 1: I took all the kids, including Naomi (NaNi), Mother’s Day shopping at Wal*Mart Saturday […]