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Posted: 30th July 2004 by LegoDoug in David, Doug, Family Members, Home Life

[doug][david] Our son, David, is at the age where nightmares are common, and often wakes us up when he’s had a bad dream. Sometimes as adults we forget how troubling a bad dream can be, as our nightmares (for most of us anyway) are very infrequent. It has been a very stressful week. Work was […]

Rust in Piece

Posted: 27th July 2004 by LegoDoug in Home Life, Technology

It appears that the last straw has been added to the problems with our still-beloved 1994 Buick Century station wagon. Although the car is now 11 years old, we were hoping to get another year or two out of it. Instead, the past two repairs have included one big electrical system problem ($300+), a leaky […]

How Accurate Is Our Perspective on the War in Iraq?

Posted: 21st July 2004 by LegoDoug in Politics

Commentator Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down, says American troops returning from Iraq are surprised to find such a pessimistic view of the war in the media. Listen to his commentary at this National Public Radio archive site. Interestingly, Mark Bowden is actually against the war, given the failure to find weapons of mass […]

[david]David, who turned 5 the day we moved in January, re-discovered my light saber keychain, that came as a promo with Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. He has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get me to give it to him for a couple of weeks. The other day he found an angle that he was sure […]