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So, Where Do They Stand?

Posted: 31st October 2004 by LegoDoug in Politics, Religion/Church

Issue President Bush Senator Kerry Passage of a Federal Marriage Protection Amendment Supports Opposes Permanent Extension of the $1,000 Per-Child Tax Credit Supports Opposes Educational Choice for Parents (School Vouchers) Supports Opposes Unrestricted Abortion on Demand Opposes No Response Federal Funding for Faith-Based Charitable Organizations Supports No Response Permanent Elimination of the “Marriage Penalty” Tax […]

This weekend, for the first time ever, I actually heard a newscast (a Webcast, actually) that included the words, “the destruction of embryos,” in conjunction with President Bush’s stance on Federal funding of stem cell reseach. On October 21, I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Lisa Boucher Clark, Ph.D., from the University […]

Dean Kamen (the inventor of the Segway) “noted that last year the U.S. graduated just 62,000 engineers (there were more Sports Management graduates) as compared to the 3.4 million technology grads coming out of universities in India. Kamen says we have only ourselves to blame. ‘You get what you celebrate…we celebrate sports and movies.’” See […]

Doug, the Haiku Master

Posted: 26th October 2004 by LegoDoug in Doug, Geekdom, Humor, Technology, Work Life

Stream unvisited—An update is required.I wait forever. Okay, the above title is an exagerration, but let me explain. We are using a new version of the source control system in place at Kronos. (We switched to this new system—which is not a Kronos product—about six months ago, from VSS, which sometimes produced catastrophic problems, and […]

New Hampshire Residents Choose to Die

Posted: 26th October 2004 by LegoDoug in Home Life, Humor

Co-worker Josh Ain penned this amusing article at BBSpot, inspired by the New Hampshire motto, “Live Free or Die.”

Digitizing the Star Wars Trilogy

Posted: 25th October 2004 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Movies, Star Wars, Technology

My team leader, Brian Cortez, contributed this link from the BBC: Macs do Star Wars Dirty Work: Behind the scenes, painstaking effort and computing power has gone into cleaning up George Lucas’s original Star Wars trilogy for its DVD release.

David and Salvation

Posted: 18th October 2004 by Nichelle in David, Family Members, Home Life, Nichelle, Religion/Church

On October 12, I was standing in the living room when David came upstairs after he got changed into his play clothes after school. He says to me, “I want to ask Jesus to be my Savior.” It took just a moment to register, but what a joy it was to hear those words come […]

Naomi’s First Year

Posted: 15th October 2004 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Naomi, Nichelle, The Kids

Naomi celebrated her first birthday on Oct. 13. I wanted to do something for her and also for our family and friends to celebrate her first year. Doug showed me (very patiently) how to get the photos entered into our family photo gallery and all of the editing that went along with it. Amazingly, I […]

Skunks Do Not Always Spray When Surprised

Posted: 14th October 2004 by LegoDoug in Doug, Home Life, Uncategorized

[doug]Skunks don’t bother me. Really. I actually find the complex smell of the skunk scent to be pleasant, except when it is exceptionally strong. The other night (or morning, I have no idea of the actual time), Nichelle was conducting a late-night grocery procurement operation, and had the nerve to wake me up to help […]