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Marburg—Similar to Ebola

Posted: 30th March 2005 by LegoDoug in Virii/Medicine

Since Monday, I have been tracking the news about an outbreak of the Marburg hemorrhagic fever, a really nasty virus, in Angola. Try this article for some scary reading, especially the following (emphasis mine): “The latest figures available show the disease had killed 117 out of 124 people known to be infected by Tuesday. The […]

Credit Card Fraud

Posted: 22nd March 2005 by LegoDoug in Hoaxes/Phishing, Technology

So, amid the two-to-three Phishing schemes I receive every day (those that make it past my K9 Spam filter), and the insistence of credit card companies that they are doing everything within their power to prevent credit card fraud, I was fascinated by this very amusing attempt, described at, to determine “How far could […]

Potty Time

Posted: 18th March 2005 by Nichelle in Home Life, Naomi, Nichelle, The Kids

[nichelle]Well, I’m quite impressed by this, with good reason, I think. Naomi, now just 17 months old, came into the kitchen this afternoon and pulled down her pants partially. I asked her if she had to go potty and she nodded her head yes and walked to the bathroom door. Her brother was in there […]

And That’s … Bad?

Posted: 18th March 2005 by LegoDoug in David, Home Life, Naomi, Technology

The following is an excerpt from a Reuters Article (which probably won’t be available a month from now). I say, anything that gets kids to stop watching television is probably a good idea. Commercial Leaves Kids Too Scared to Watch TV LONDON (Reuters) – A Marmite commercial that parodied 1950's science fiction film “The Blob” […]

We, like many Americans, are waiting for our tax refund from the Treasury Department. I was poking about the IRS Web site, and discovered an online tool that will tell you when the IRS received your return, and when your refund check will be mailed. Give it a try! Of course, I lean Libertarian (although […]

More Lego Coolness

Posted: 9th March 2005 by LegoDoug in Cool Sites/BLOGs, Geekdom, Lego, Star Wars, Technology

Check out Nathan Sawaya’s amazing full-size Han Solo in Carbonite sculpture, as well as his other work. This makes me want to throw my Lego out the window, especially when I consider all the trouble I have had putting together a decent-looking Thunderbid 2 model. ::: sigh ::: (Thanks to Christine Bennett for the link […]

I am an Idiot

Posted: 8th March 2005 by LegoDoug in Doug, Home Life, Humor, Nichelle, Technology

[doug]Nichelle is making me post this, because I used it as leverage to get her to finally post an update on all the cute things Naomi is doing. As you know, we had some computer problems, which seem to have all been solved. However, after upgrading to Trillian 3.0, Nichelle complained that she was not […]

I was moved by the BBC’s Washington Correspondent Rob Watson’s farewell address as he prepared to leave the US after 10 years of residency. You will want to read the whole article, but here are a few brief excerpts: As infectious as their happiness is their optimism and “can do” spirit, the sense that there […]

Naomi News

Posted: 4th March 2005 by Nichelle in Home Life, Naomi, The Kids

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t tell Doug the things that Naomi is doing and I’ve been told, “You should be blogging this.” Well, I’m finally doing that. I'll start with the most recent: Naomi will be 17 months old on March 13. She has been putting on her own shoes on the […]

Lightning Out of Lebananon

Posted: 4th March 2005 by LegoDoug in Books, Politics, Uncategorized

The American people have an amazing capacity to ignore the important while obsessing on the trivial. I am not usually a big fan of Terry Gross or her NPR program, “Fresh Air,” but her show from yesterday was unusually good. She interviewed law enforcement expert Tom Diaz and journalist Barbara Newman warn of the presence […]