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Ten? Celebrating a Decade Since the Birth of Isaac

Posted: 30th April 2005 by LegoDoug in Isaac, The Kids

Today, we celebrated Isaac’s birthday with a group of his friends from church and school. We had such a wonderful time with everyone. Trish D. ever so nicely volunteered to help me with things and brought some supplies with her and her children, Chaz and Pheobe. They arrived early and got busy: Trish with the […]

The Great Gasoline Boycott

Posted: 11th April 2005 by LegoDoug in Politics, Technology

You may have received an e-mail encouraging you to boycott, for the next year, two major gasoline vendors (click for a sample), to help achieve lower gasoline prices. It is an interesting idea—certainly better than the “don’t buy gas for one day” e-mails that have gone out—but it can't work, from an economics perspective. There […]