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John had a geography project that went with a report, preparing food from the country he chose. He picked Nigeria, and for the food he selected to make a pepper soup. Well, he did very well with the whole thing until he got to the peppers. He was instructed to wash his hands well, because […]

David’s K5 Graduation….

Posted: 30th June 2005 by Nichelle in David, Family Members, Home Life, Naomi, Photos, The Kids

Monday, June 6, was David’s graduation. Doug took lots of pictures, so you’ll have check later for those. [Doug: They are in now.] David’s class put on a play by Max Lucado called, “If Only I had a Green Nose.” David played the part of the carpenter named Eli. He did very well. I still […]

The other day, I came out of my room to find that Naomi was at the computer with her baby doll, taking the doll’s hand, and trying to “teach” the doll to use the mouse. I went searching for the camera, and missed that shot, but when I came back I found Naomi had left […]

Peter Jackson May Have Pulled It Off (Again)

Posted: 27th June 2005 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Movies, Star Wars

For years, we waited in fear while director Peter Jackson worked on The Lord of the Rings movies. Those who so loved the books were not convinced, especially given the early press, that any director could possibly bring them to screen in a manner that would please diehard fans. But he did it. We abandoned […]

This is the post that I have put off writing for years, for one reason or another. Let me begin by a disclaimer. An anxiety disorder does not mean that a person worries excessively about things, or, more specifically, the anxiety that an anxiety disorder causes is not the same as “real” worry. Let me […]

Last night I made a fool out of myself in church. We were discussing an editorial (in response to one our staff had written) that urged us to take the more enlightened view that the Bible was meant to be reinterpreted and examined for the modern day. The editorial made the mistake of assuming that […]

John has been looking forward to seeing Batman Begins for a very long time, and planning on seeing it for his 17th birthday, which is today. Doug and I first scared John into thinking he was in some serious trouble by calling him upstairs just before 11:00 p.m. last night. He was standing in front […]

Sadly, last summer, my $12 sombrero ranchero purchased in Mexico in 2003, was accidentally squashed during our return from vacation in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. (If one is a cowboy, rather than a farmer, that same hat might be called a somebrero vaquero.) Six months later even I, with my less-than-excellent fashion sense, had to admit […]

IBM DeathStar / Down in the Dumps

Posted: 9th June 2005 by LegoDoug in Doug, Geekdom, Home Life, Technology

I don’t usually write about my mood, but today I woke up feeling really down. Thankfully, I haven’t been sent into massive panic attacks over the issues described below. (One of the ironic points of living with an anxiety disorder and being a computer Geek is that a trigger point for my anxiety is problems […]

Isaac: I found this note in our cellar, originally from May 13, 1993: Today Isaac was talking about Andrew (my newphew/his cousin) and asking, “Is he three?” while holding out three fingers. I said, “No, he’s thirteen.” Isaac immediately asked, “Where’s the thirteen finger?” Isaac has a host of interesting things we could write about. […]