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“You See, I Had This Space Suit”

Posted: 19th August 2005 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, NASA/Space

You see, I had this space suit. How it happened was like this: “Dad,” I said, “I want to go to the moon.” “Certainly,” he answered and looked back at his book. It was Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat, which he must know by heart. I said, “Dad, please! I’m serious.” This […]

Nashua Commuter Rail

Posted: 18th August 2005 by LegoDoug in Home Life, Politics, Rants, Technology, Work Life

Editor’s note: I moved this post to a this page on Monday, October 24, 2005. Nashua, N.H., seems too far away from Boston to be a “bedroom community,” but in the quest for affordable housing, crime-free neighborhoods, and other prized essentia of suburbia, Nashua is an excellent choice, especially considering its sales-tax-free shopping and vibrant […]

Absolutely Nothing …

Posted: 18th August 2005 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Uncategorized

Absolutely nothing of import happened today, anywhere.

Naomi is now 22 months old. She seems to have gotten remarkably taller in the past month, and also seems ever less the baby. Photos in this post: top—Naomi the explorer (Rattlesnake Hill, elevation 1,231 feet, next to Squam Lake, Holderness, New Hampshire); middle—Naomi enjoys reading Calvin and Hobbes while on a trip to the […]

Name That Snake

Posted: 10th August 2005 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Nichelle, Photos

Okay, you know we have a new corn snake in the house. (See “Jaeden has Escaped” and “A Crocodile Monitor on the Loose” for the background.) We need to come up with a good name for her. Your suggestions are welcome. (This oughta be good …)

We spent part of the last day of our vacation at Clark’s Trading Post. Nichelle decided that she and NaNi would have one of those old fashioned photos done. (This is exactly the kind of thing my parents would never have done because (1) it might have been fun, and (2) it cost money. According […]

Today I took Isaac, David, and Naomi to RJ’s Exotics to buy some food for the critters. I too was on the lookout for a new snake. (See Jaeden Has Escaped.) As we checked out all of the cool creatures they carry, I spotted some corn snakes. I was holding Naomi, when Isaac and David […]