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Background: Naomi loves her new Geekwear. For Christmas, I bought for her a Version 2.0 T-shirt and a new Geek in Training T-shirt to replace the one she’d outgrown. She loves the shirts! She calls the “Geek in Training” one her “Mouse Shirt,” and asked for it every day several times a day when it […]

We have been leaving our sleds out most of the winter as offerings to the snow gods. So far it has been working, although I had to correct the kids on making the proper offering. Scattering the toboggans about the yard is not the way to get the snow gods’ attention: One must place the […]

Ten-year-old Isaac Douglas Wilcox jeopardized his entire future career in science today, when he described the maximum size of an Australian salt water crocodile as “seven to eight feet.” Fortunately, his vastly more knowledgeable father was there to correct this serious breech of cognition, and he quickly righted the error, pointing out that “Salties” grow […]

On Friday, the Wilcox family received a long-awaited visit from Clover, a border collie who is employed as a domestic security consultant north of here. After an intimidating first meeting, Naomi and Clover became fast friends. NaNi adopted the same pose as Clover for all their photos together. (Note that Naomi is wearing some of […]