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Nichelle has requested that I post a few photos to show the extent of the swelling she is dealing with. We actually have one or two photos that are worse, but she doesn’t want those posted. Since the return of the fibromyalgia symptoms in force, about the time NaNi was weaned, Nichelle has battled rather […]

Geek Humor @ H0//3

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Tonight I was reviewing science notes with Isaac (click-and-drag to highlight my answers with your mouse to reveal them): Q: What’s the densest element? A: Osmium (actually, it’s a tie between Osmium and Iridium) My answer: Fifth graderum. I also dug up Tom Leher’s famous “The Elements Song.” You can hear it attached to a […]

(See related posts: What’s Wrong with Nichelle?, The Twins Are Back: What’s Wrong with Nichelle, Continued, and Life Is Swell; or view all posts categorized as related to fibromyalgia.) Beyond the significant swelling, Nichelle’s life seems to be defined ever more by pain. On Valentine’s Day she had a “good day”—the pain was only mild […]


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Am I wrong, or does this strike more of you as pointlessly wasteful? Happy Birthday Dear Fido, Fluffy and PollyTue Feb 14, 2006 08:23 AM ET LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – They already have their own designer clothes, health insurance and therapists. Now more and more American pets are enjoying their own birthday parties. A surprising […]

Witness the Evidence, Ye Doubters

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I wrote this in an earlier post: We have been leaving our sleds out most of the winter as offerings to the snow gods. So far it has been working, although I had to correct the kids on making the proper offering. Scattering the toboggans about the yard is not the way to get the […]

Naomi’s Stories

Posted: 11th February 2006 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Naomi, The Kids

NaNi is indeed a delight. She’s started to put together stories. Last night she said, “See Uncle Phil. Rocket ship. Knock, knock, knock.” (You want to visit Uncle Phil, and you’ll take a rocket ship to get to his house, and knock on the door?) “Yes!” She’s always been fascinated with her clothes that have […]

Caption this Photo (of Naomi)!

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We took this picture during David’s seventh birthday party. Nichelle’s suggested caption is below. Can any of you beat it? “What do you mean I’ve had too much sugar?” Now, let me go reserve a therapist for NaNi.

Isaac, the Biographer

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Isaac is now in fifth grade. He wrote this biography of Naomi for one of his homework assignments: My Sister, Naomi My little sister, Naomi, a cheerful little girl. Being two years old, she has different rules of posession: “If I saw it, it’s mine,” “If I didn’t want it, and saw you playing with […]