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A Brief Update There are no more good days. Occasionally, Nichelle will have a few hours when she is able to be somewhat active, but it appears that even days like our 1/2-day MFA trip are now impossible. The pain is more severe, and Nichelle’s general debilitation is both more severe and the episodes last […]

Don’t believe everything you’ll find online. If you work in a moderately complex environment (meaning, you’re running a managed server instance via an admin server instance on WebLogic), you’re sure to be led astray by the dozens of articles offering guidance into this elusive technique. You don’t have to emulate Ray Millard, if you follow this advice …

The Best Job in America: Mine

Posted: 12th April 2006 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Geekdom, Work Life

I already knew this, but now it’s official. I have the best job in America.

Never visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston without being accompanied by Debi Costine. Back on February 27, we got to do just that. Nichelle spent the three days before the trip in “intense rest,” hoping to be well enough to go with us. (I hadn’t seen her so determined to do anything major […]

Nichelle heard back from the most recent endocrinologist’s office. Here are his notes: No further assessment Fasting plasma glucose at some point in the future, not running any more tests. Maybe another fasting glucose—talk to the PCP about that Can find nothing from an endocrine standpoint However, the office is checking on a referral to […]

Today I had my appointment with the new rheumatologist. He’s requesting all records from three different doctors. I was given a new pain med and taken off one that I was recently given by the ER doctor (although I’ve only taken it once). I will have a follow-up appointment in four weeks. He has no […]

Nichelle was very impressed with the endocrinologist she visited today. She described him “as thorough as Dr. Rescigno,” which is a huge compliment. Dr. Bhaghayath took an interest in everything Nichelle brought in (unlike the last two doctors she has seen), including things that seemed “off-topic,” such as the bone scan results. He was amazed […]

Yesterday evening the boys and I attended the Answers in Genesis conference hosted by Merrimack Valley Baptist Church, featuring Dr. Ken Ham. (See event details, including driving directions here.) There are two more sessions this evening. I highly recommend attending. Dr. Ham is an excellent presenter, and teaches in ways that are both fascinating and […]