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Parents of small children are no strangers to the effects of nightmares. We in the Wilcox family are no strangers to unorthodox approaches to treating them. (For example, see this post, which describes how letting David watch Jurassic Park at age 3 cured his dinosaur-laden nightmares.) NaNi had bad dreams or night terrors of some […]

Just a week ago, I’d written about how the Xbox controller, with its two thumbsticks, numerous buttons, and two triggers, was overwhelming for NaNi, who is now 3.25 years of age, even though she’d had no trouble mastering a computer mouse by age 2.5, just like her brothers. Last night David, Isaac, Naomi and I […]

Nichelle, of course! Sunday morning I was teasing Nichelle, because she didn’t cook me an omelette like she does during the week. I said, “If you loved me, you would have gotten up early to make me an omelette.” Her response: “I love you Monday through Friday; I have the weekends off.” And, for those […]

The Big Dream

Posted: 20th January 2007 by David in Uncategorized

I was on earth second not first because I was a alien from Criptton I flew back where it was but it was not there I found my class in space heading for part of my planet they saw me and let me in bot my planet was starting to make a radioactive cloud. thats […]

(Thanks to Kevin Ilsen for pointing me to the video.) This is absolutely amazing. With a few simple gestures, this is way beyond the “ancient” computer interfaces we use today, and is nearly exactly like what was seen in Minority Report, which is an excellent film despite Tom Cruz’s presence. I was thinking about this […]

Technically, we’re not supposed to BLOG about [the company for which I work], because it’s a public company, and [blah blah blah], but I think I can get away with this much, as I snagged a very brief spot in the video described below (which, if nothing else, has convinced me more than ever of […]

Last week in the Junior Church class Nichelle and I teach, we began a lesson on the life of Josiah, who was the king of Judah. Josiah became king when he was eight years old, and was one of the better kings of that period. To introduce the topic, I used two discussion topics, to […]

My Fortress

Posted: 7th January 2007 by David in Uncategorized

I was laying in my bed then I had a dream my dream was about a fortress today I bilt a fortress out of a blank a small chair but not to small and 2 pillows and a beanbag chair.

Message from John

Posted: 5th January 2007 by John in Family Members, Home Life, John, The Kids, Uncategorized

[Editor’s note: John e-mailed this to me yesterday. There’s much to respond to, but I don’t have sufficient time, and probably won’t for a couple of days. However, I promised to put it up today, so here it is.] Dear all blog members I am sorry for consistently lying on here about my life and […]

An Engaging Christmas

Posted: 2nd January 2007 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Other Relatives, Uncategorized

Well, I promised you Christmas news, and this year there’s plenty. I’ll start with the big ones. We had two engagements in the family announced at Christmastime. My brother Paul John surprised his now-fiancée Crystal Hughes, who expected a digital camera, with an engagement ring. When they phoned us on Christmas day, I explained that […]