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NaNi: Here are some more anecdotes from the world’s cutest and oldest three-year-old: We were “in the running” for a very nice outdoor grill that was being given away. When our friend Phil reported that it had gone to someone else, NaNi instructed, “You should have called ‘NaNi dibs’!” Quite a few people have commented […]

A number of churches embrace a King-James-Version-only approach to the English Bible, many espousing a large number of associated doctrines that are unsupportable, irrational, and extrabiblical (maybe even crossing the border into heresy). I do much of my Bible study and reading using the King James Bible. I have really only one major problem with […]

Miscellany from Diane Sawyer

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The May, 2007, issues of Reader’s Digest included an excellent interview with Diane Sawyer. Other than knowing she had something to do with television news, I wasn’t very familiar with her, but found a few of her comments quite noteworthy. Quotations are from “News Flash: In the sound bite world of TV news, Diane Sawyer […]

We had an absolutely wonderful time, meeting new people and enjoying Southern hospitality (which is not overrated). The best thing was, for the duration of the trip, my gorgeous wife, Nichelle, was treated by everyone exactly the way I have always seen her—as a star. Nichelle and I are working on a post about the […]

In a few minutes we’re off to Birmingham, Alabama, where Nichelle has been chosen from New Hampshire to compete in the National Chicken Cook-Off. We’ve experienced the mixture of pre-trip and -contest stress, but Nichelle is doing well. Pray for continued serenity. (Speaking of Serenity, can anyone help but lament the only 14 episodes of […]