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$40 for an Interactive Touchsuface?

Posted: 19th December 2007 by LegoDoug in Cool Sites/BLOGs, Geekdom, Technology

Saw this on Slashdot today. Johnny Lee has developed a system to turn virtually any surface or display into a pen-interactive “touch” surface. The video below shows how cool this is. Take a look at Johhny Lee’s other Wii Remote projects! While I’m on the subject of hardware, I wouldn’t normally be remotely tempted to […]


Posted: 17th December 2007 by LegoDoug in Religion/Church, Uncategorized

“We acted badly, badly, until they brought us God’s carvings. Then, seeing His carvings and following His good trail, now we live happily and in peace.” —Mincaye

Erik DiVietro IS Jack Ryan

Posted: 5th December 2007 by LegoDoug in Books, Cool Sites/BLOGs, Friends, Geekdom, Humor, Uncategorized

Erik DiVietro posted this via his MySpace page. As I hate MySpace, and loved this, he gave me permission to cross-post it here. Erik treated one of those inane e-mail surveys as if he were Jack Ryan, the protagonist in most of Tom Clancy’s novels. (Also, I should note that, just like Erik, I’ve read […]