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Today is the 50th anniversary of the filing of the patent for Lego bricks. The Google logo received a Lego treatment today. I received my first Lego set 34 years ago—number 480, the Rescue Helicopter—at age 5, as a Christmas gift from friend-and-neighbor Chuck Altwein. I quickly learned to completely assemble and disassemble the model […]

The Übergeek Bible Translation

Posted: 28th January 2008 by LegoDoug in Books, Humor, Religion/Church, Technology

Thanks to my nephew Mike Matheson for this contribution.

The Right Political Party

Posted: 8th January 2008 by LegoDoug in Politics

As I have been pondering the various Presidential candidates in preparation for today’s primaries in New Hampshire, I realize I am frustrated by and disgusted with both the Republicans and the Democrats. I will probably, before the Presidential election, change my voter registration from Republican to “unaffiliated.” (I am tempted to change it to Communist, […]

I promised you all I’d keep you updated on my clean-up progress. While I was procrastinating, another group of guys got together and blasted through the work in a manner to which only teens fueled by pizza and soda can accomplish. I’ve actually tried their patches, and they seem to work well, making playing Crysis […]

I hesitate to include this, but this is the sort of thing that goes on at a New Year’s Eve party at Heritage Baptist Church. In addition to “praying in” the new year, we also spent several hours playing board games and doing improv skits. Lynn B., our great game organizer, ran a Family Feud […]