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Moondust and Duct Tape

Posted: 23rd April 2008 by LegoDoug in Cool Sites/BLOGs, Geekdom, NASA/Space, Technology

This story about duct tape use on the moon was simply too good to pass up on cross-posting. [I]n [the] Taurus-Littrow [valley, in the Sea of Serenity, on the moon] a missing fender was a potential disaster. The reason is moondust. When a rover rolls across the lunar surface, it kicks up a plume of […]

Powered Suits, Now Even Closer

Posted: 18th April 2008 by LegoDoug in Books, Cool Sites/BLOGs, Geekdom, Technology

From the BBC, comes “US army develops robotic suits” a news report guaranteed to make all Heinlein fans and Wilcox children drool. And if you never have, you should go read Starship Troopers (but skip the movie).