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Throughout this illness, which appears to be Poststreptococcal Reactive Arthritis (although it could be something else), my health has been quite varied. (Also, I have filled in some medical detail after the symptoms descriptions; mostly to clarify what PSRA is, and how and why my treatment is progressing the way it is.) No, these aren’t […]

Now that I have your attention (the headline is explained below), let me tell you about my nephew Mike Matheson and the missions trip he is leading to Guinea-Bissau … Missonary Kid/MK Minister/My nephew Mike Matheson. (I warned Mike I’d get even someday for the time he swiped my camera at my Mom’s wedding and […]

BLOG readers begged for Calvin and Hobbes … At the moment I feel sleepy but almost good, after a feeling very miserable all morning, and sleeping most of the rest of the day. My rheumatologist, Dr. Eranki referred me to an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Strampfer. We discussed all sort of symptoms and possibilities. He […]

Walking? Nyet.

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This comic from Bloom County keeps coming to mind. (Copyright 1983, the Washington Post Company. Used under the “Get with It, This Is the 21st Century” interpretation of the Fair Use clause.) See Today I received numerous answers from my doctor; unfortunately, they were all along the lines of “Those results were negative,” or […]

Day 13

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Nichelle and I are reprising the roles we had when she was so ill, albeit we have swapped who we are playing. I get to play the part of “Nichelle, the inexplicably sick one,” and she gets to play me. Today is Day 13 with the still-unexplained fever, leg pain, phalanges pain, and swelling. (The […]

Okay, here’s the deal … Last Tuesday (May 27) I was falling asleep in a meeting. Now, bear in mind, I often fall asleep in meetings, but not usually in meetings of only a few people and where I am one of the key participants. I excused myself and went home sick. (As I think […]

Luke … I am Your Arm

Posted: 2nd June 2008 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Technology

Not much I need to say, but you absolutely must see these amazing videos of what Dean Kamen is cooking up.

The Photos I Promised

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NaNi, on her second day riding. This is the scene that made Nichelle all teary-eyed, NaNi taking off up the street with Isaac. (We threatened to send her off with a Brides magazine in one hand and a college application in the other.) Cuteness, as usual. The two weasels (Nichelle and NaNi) went to DisneyWorld […]