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I just received this from the Academy of Science and Design, where I teach robotics, and where Isaac attends: As almost all of you probably know, New Hampshire is facing major budget issues. The New Hampshire State Senate is currently trying to grapple with the deteriorating situation as state incoming revenue declines. This week, an […]

Star Trek XI

Posted: 8th May 2009 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Home Life, Movies, Photos, Star Trek

I’ll describe Star Trek Zero in one word, the same word I uttered repeatedly throughout the film: Wow! Lieutenant Wilcox, USS Reliant, with an unidentified Orion Slave Girl. Last night at 9:50 we went to Hooksett Cinemagic to see the film in digital iMax (yes, that’s iMax with digital video … quite an experience, as […]

NaNi the Droll

Posted: 6th May 2009 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Humor, Naomi, Photos

A couple of days ago, Naomi said, “Dad, I made this for you!” Naomi’s “Whimsical” Drawing—Click to see full detail. Inspired by Hook, Naomi drew people parachuting from a burning airplane. Guess who doesn’t have a parachute? (I love the little frown face she put on me.) That’s one sarcastic kid we’re raising.