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Posted: 3rd November 2010 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Nichelle

If I were to lose you today I would lose … The one who mothered my children The one who was my only lover The one who laughed at my jokes The one who tolerated my inability to get my socks into the hamper right-side out The one whose smile always brightened my day The […]

Saturday Nichelle competed in her first bodybuilding competition of the season, at the excellent National Fitness Gym in Oxford, Ma. The event was sanctioned by the National Gym Association, and MC’d by our favorite hostess and natural bodybuilding promoter, Laura “Turtle” Tourtellot. A huge number of people help out Nichelle as she prepares for these […]

Happy Birthday, Nichelle!

Posted: 7th March 2010 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Nichelle

Today is Nichelle’s birthday. Generally, for reasons which have never been clear to me, it is considered impolite to ask or tell a woman’s age, so I won’t do that here.

Halo Warthog Cake

Posted: 16th January 2010 by LegoDoug in David, Family Members, Geekdom, Home Life, Naomi, Nichelle, Photos, The Kids

Nichelle has been experimenting with making custom cakes for the kid’s birthdays. Like most things she attempts, she’s done great right out of the box. She invented some cool new techniques this time, and I was able to lend some engineering expertise. Halo “Warthog” Cake, made by Nichelle. Halo “Warthog” Cake, made by Nichelle, with […]

Body … Built!

Posted: 2nd November 2009 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Nichelle, Nichelle's Weird Illness, Photos

Amidst a very busy Saturday, Nichelle competed in the 2009 Granite State Bodybuilding Championship in Dover, N.H. We were amazed by how much she’s improved since her last competition. I was particularly impressed with her onstage presence … she didn’t appear nervous at all, and performed her solo routine perfectly, despite having her toes cramp […]

The Telegraph, reported a few days ago on research published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology that proves exactly why my wife thinks I’m an idiot: [R]esearch shows men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than […]

Our unnamed west Manchester Thursday evening small group study (a ministry of Heritage Baptist Church) will be starting up again tomorrow, after several weeks in hiatus, and we’ll be studying Francis Chan’s Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God. Below is a brief YouTube introduction with the author. I suppose if we were to call […]

[Note: I am keeping this updated via the comments. You will want to read them for the latest status.] For just over a week now, the symptoms Nichelle has not experienced in years (for more than very brief periods of time) have been plaguing her again. These include sharp pains in various parts of her […]

NaNi and Nichelle in The Nutcracker

Posted: 21st December 2008 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Naomi, Nichelle, Photos

Naomi in her angel costume and makeup from Gate City Ballet's Nutcracker. Both NaNi and Nichelle were in a production of “The Nutcracker,” put on yesterday by Gate City Ballet. NaNi got the part of an angel, and Nichelle was one of the dancers at the party in the beginning. < The performance was originally […]

The Photos I Promised

Posted: 2nd June 2008 by LegoDoug in David, Family Members, Home Life, Isaac, Naomi, Nichelle, Photos, The Kids

NaNi, on her second day riding. This is the scene that made Nichelle all teary-eyed, NaNi taking off up the street with Isaac. (We threatened to send her off with a Brides magazine in one hand and a college application in the other.) Cuteness, as usual. The two weasels (Nichelle and NaNi) went to DisneyWorld […]