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“Space,” [The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy] says, “is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space, listen … Inspired by this NASA Web page, and Miss Sarah’s […]


Posted: 4th April 2014 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Naomi

I want to brag a little bit about Naomi. This is the finished result of a multi-week school project. It’s called a “Five Pocket Project,” and has a number of interesting features, but that’s not what this is about. On Tuesday, after a full day of school and two hours of dance classes, NaNi got […]

Not a Prayer

Posted: 18th September 2013 by LegoDoug in Doug

When no prayer finds my lips, And Your blows crush me to the earth, And the light from above cannot illuminate The mire of my sorrow, Then in my torment, in my lament, in the despair of my soul, You begin to find me, Though blackness remains. (I was inspired to poetry during the Michael […]

Imponderably Improbable

Posted: 5th March 2013 by LegoDoug in Books, Doug

This weekend’s This American Life program was entitled, “No Coincidence, No Story,” and featured a huge selection of fascinating short stories. Life is full of coincidences, but I’ve never experienced one that seems more improbable than this: In 1995, I was visiting the Rondon family in the Dominican Republic, and spent some time looking through […]

God Is Born

Posted: 24th December 2012 by LegoDoug in Doug, Religion/Church

Around Christmas, I always think about my favorite Christmas hymn: “God is Born” (“Bóg się rodzi”). I’ve only got one recording of it in English, on an old cassette entitled “An English Christmas.” It is the National Christmas Hymn in Poland, where it originated. Here’s what I’ve been able to transcribe from the English version […]

Periodically, I do a search for this poem we memorized in high school. Today, at last, I found a slightly flawed version of it online, and was able to use that to get a corrected version via Google Books. The poem was published in Baxter’s Explore the Book, in a lesson on Ecclesiastes, although there […]

Beaten by Children

Posted: 23rd February 2012 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Naomi, Photos

Each Friday evening I take a class in Mandarin at the Chelmsford Chinese Language School. After that class, I go to chess club, while Naomi studies Chinese Folk Dance. I wrote this at the end of last year. Carissa is quietly contemplative. She keeps her body movements still, with a level of concentration that seems […]

(Excerpt from the Community Advocate Newspaper, Friday, February 3, 2012, article by Sue Wambolt, Contributing Writer.) Marlborough – Prior to November 2011, Andrew Roberts worked for County House Research performing in-court background checks. By the end of November, though, he retired to pursue his lifelong passion, building Army tanks with LEGOs. Roberts’ love for LEGOs […]

See You Later, “New Dad”

Posted: 10th January 2012 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Photos

Five years ago my Mom remarried at age 80, several years after the death of my father. “New Dad,” as I generally referred to him, was George Fortini, a sweetheart of a guy who proved (along with Mom) that being crazy-in-love and romantic wasn’t just for young people. The five years he and Mom had […]

From We to Me

Posted: 5th December 2011 by LegoDoug in Doug, Home Life

An involuntary divorce is, quite frankly, a terrible event. I doubt that will surprise anyone. There are dozens of expected perils and adjustments. It is tragic, and painful beyond belief. But that pain does, eventually, well and truly end. One adjusts. Balance returns. Life becomes fabulous again. But occasionally, there are bits of adjustment that […]