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R2 Really Gets Around

Posted: 16th October 2015 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Star Wars, Television

That’s right! Look who seems to be part of Lost’s Dharma Initiative.

My Little April Fool

Posted: 2nd April 2011 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Geekdom, Home Life, Naomi, Photos, Star Trek, Star Wars

When I got home yesterday, I discovered that NaNi had put her snow day time to very good use.

We were at Merrimack High School this morning for a meeting regarding some testing Isaac had done over the past couple of weeks. It was just after morning announcements, and as we went to our meeting, the music from Star Wars could be heard coming from every room. I caught enough of the description playing […]

In a typical day, I come across many fascinating things that aren’t exactly well known. This is a list of things which interest me, and probably does not reflect interest in the general population. Of course, thinking about that alone is of interest to me, so … (Ah, recursion!) Cyborgs Are Real Way cool neuroscience. […]

Skvid = SKit on VIDeo Last week our pastor asked me to put together a video skit to help illustrate a sermon in a series of lessons on stewardship: What happens when we overwhelm ourselves with choices and activities? Of course, it also illustrates beautifully the quirkiness of the Wilcox family. I did the video […]

Last night, Doug mentioned that he wanted to make banana bread. Now this is major. So, after dinner, he and Naomi headed out to the neighbors to get 1/2 cup of shortening. He tried a few homes before getting some. The only thing I had to do was put out the ingredients, and he and […]

Star Wars: Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Museum of Science, Boston. Weather Control: Military wants the weather on its side Schemes to Control the Weather Clouded by Failure Natural Disasters: Top 10 US Disaster Worries Tall Buildings: The World’s Tallest Buildings. (If you think you know what they are currently, you […]

Peter Jackson May Have Pulled It Off (Again)

Posted: 27th June 2005 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Movies, Star Wars

For years, we waited in fear while director Peter Jackson worked on The Lord of the Rings movies. Those who so loved the books were not convinced, especially given the early press, that any director could possibly bring them to screen in a manner that would please diehard fans. But he did it. We abandoned […]

There aren’t very many digital cinemas, nationwide. There were 83, if memory serves, when Star Wars Episode I opened. We were fortunate enough to live near one. Try this digital cinema finder, from Texas Instruments, the folks who bring you DLP, to see if there is one near you. DLP is, quite frankly, an amazing […]

Note: This article contains spoilers. If you want to read about the experience without giving away details on the film, see The Force at Midnight (The Star Wars Episode III Experience)—No Spoilers Okay, let’s hear what you thought.