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See You Later, “New Dad”

Posted: 10th January 2012 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Photos

Five years ago my Mom remarried at age 80, several years after the death of my father. “New Dad,” as I generally referred to him, was George Fortini, a sweetheart of a guy who proved (along with Mom) that being crazy-in-love and romantic wasn’t just for young people. The five years he and Mom had […]

From We to Me

Posted: 5th December 2011 by LegoDoug in Doug, Home Life

An involuntary divorce is, quite frankly, a terrible event. I doubt that will surprise anyone. There are dozens of expected perils and adjustments. It is tragic, and painful beyond belief. But that pain does, eventually, well and truly end. One adjusts. Balance returns. Life becomes fabulous again. But occasionally, there are bits of adjustment that […]


Posted: 25th May 2011 by LegoDoug in Cool Sites/BLOGs, Gaming, Geekdom, Home Life

We became involved with Minecraft early in its beta development cycle. Frankly, it’s been amazing and fascinating. We operate our own server at home, modded with Runecraft so we could make teleporters (generally it’s up from early evening until the morning), and have started to add more users to the system. There are still some […]

My Little April Fool

Posted: 2nd April 2011 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Geekdom, Home Life, Naomi, Photos, Star Trek, Star Wars

When I got home yesterday, I discovered that NaNi had put her snow day time to very good use.

Dance Macadam

Posted: 1st March 2011 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Naomi, Photos, The Kids

Naomi had been very, very sick for almost 10 days—double ear and ear canal infections, that we finally got under control. Even though she stayed home from school, she hadn’t had a fever all day, and I let her go to ballet. (Isaac took care of her while I was at work—my first day back […]


Posted: 3rd November 2010 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Nichelle

If I were to lose you today I would lose … The one who mothered my children The one who was my only lover The one who laughed at my jokes The one who tolerated my inability to get my socks into the hamper right-side out The one whose smile always brightened my day The […]

Rope-Climbing Lego NXT Robot

Posted: 10th June 2010 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Geekdom, Home Life, Photos

This is the rope-climbing robot myself and ASD student Joe Cole worked on, as a competitor in the “Robolympics” program I developed after Robot Sumo was done this year. We were hoping to modify the base to allow it to compete in robot drag racing, but there simply wasn’t enough time. Ours was the only […]

Saturday Nichelle competed in her first bodybuilding competition of the season, at the excellent National Fitness Gym in Oxford, Ma. The event was sanctioned by the National Gym Association, and MC’d by our favorite hostess and natural bodybuilding promoter, Laura “Turtle” Tourtellot. A huge number of people help out Nichelle as she prepares for these […]

There’s something fascinating about zombies, and a current cultural meme seems to have made them even more popular than the silly idea that the world will end in 2012. (One of the most popular video games around now is the second installment of Left 4 Dead, called Left 4 Dead 2, which is a teamwork-based […]

Comcast has recently switched its provided-for-free antivirus vendor from McAfee to Norton Security Suite, from Symantec. The subscriptions to McAfee Security Suite are due to expire in May. (Norton is named after Peter Norton, a true god of early personal computing utilities back when DOS was king and before all the cool things Peter wrote […]