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Slaying Dragons: Scumware Removal

Posted: 29th June 2004 by LegoDoug in Geekdom, Hoaxes/Phishing, Technology

I spent a number of hours this weekend removing scumware from a friend-of-the-family’s machine. The following Q&A pretty much sums up what I went through. Q: What caused all this mess?A: All these problems were caused by a class of programs known as “adware,” or “spyware,” often called “scumware.” At the most basic level, adware is software […]

The Virus Wars

Posted: 23rd June 2004 by LegoDoug in Cool Sites/BLOGs, Geekdom, Hoaxes/Phishing, Technology

Read this unusually detailed story at PC Magazine online. Among other things, this article covers the human engineering factors in virus writing, the state-of-the-art in combating viruses by antivirus software companies, and the real scenarios we are likely to see in the future. The article is very infomative, and includes input from a several different […]

Today marked my second year of employment at Kronos. What a busy year it has been on the home front! Naomi Nichelle (NaNi) was born in October, 2003. I lost my father in December—which was very sad—but I will see him again one day. Peter Jackson fulfilled our dreams with The Return of the King […]

Good moring. Ugh.

Posted: 11th June 2004 by LegoDoug in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Technology, Work Life

It’s 8:45 a.m. (funny that Mark Sohmer hasn’t noticed that the BLOG postings are all on Pacific Time), and I’m waiting for my co-workers to come in (especially “JavaDoug” Ross and Pankaj Verma) after Ravi Gopalan and I pulled an all-nighter at Kronos. Our team is very well-managed, and this is the first deadline crunch […]

BLEEX: One Step Closer to Powered Suits

Posted: 10th June 2004 by LegoDoug in Books, Geekdom, Movies, Technology

This will interest fans of Robert A. Heinlein’s Starship Troopers book (not the horrible movie by the same name—where was Peter Jackson when we needed him?). Check out the BLEEX (Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton) project.

Former President Ronald Wilson Reagan died on Saturday, June 5, at the age of 93. We mourn the passing of a leader who inspired our nation, saw the end of the Cold War, and chose to do what he believed was right, rather than what was politically expedient. Even Bill Clinton chose to pattern some […]

Naomi will be 7 mos. old on 5/13…the time goes so fast. She is now mobile. At 5 mos. she started to creep, but realized rolling where she wanted to go was much faster until a week and a half ago. One day last month she was on my bed w/ me playing with some […]

Naomi and Mom

Posted: 6th June 2004 by Nichelle in Family Members, Home Life, Naomi, Nichelle, Photos

As I go through the pictures, I don't find many pictures of me w/ Naomi due to the fact that I'm always taking the pictures. Anyway, it is nice to see some w/ me in them too…

Naomi and Her Dad

Posted: 6th June 2004 by Nichelle in Doug, Family Members, Home Life, Naomi, Nichelle, Photos

Ah, Naomi and her Dad…it’s taken her no time at all to be up on her Dad’s shoulders just like her brothers. It’s very sweet. Actually, she’s rough-housing already.

Have Space Ship—Will Travel

Posted: 3rd June 2004 by LegoDoug in NASA/Space, Photos

On June 21, the privately-funded SpaceShipOne will launch for a history-making, 100 km (62 mile) altitude flight. “Our goal is to demonstrate that non-government manned space flight operations are not only feasible, but can be done at very low costs.” (Burt Rutan) Read the article at here, and check out the Scaled Composites FAQ […]