“You’re talking politics. I want to know what you think is right.”

Former President Ronald Wilson Reagan died on Saturday, June 5, at the age of 93. We mourn the passing of a leader who inspired our nation, saw the end of the Cold War, and chose to do what he believed was right, rather than what was politically expedient. Even Bill Clinton chose to pattern some of his Presidency after Reagan—it is a pity he chose not to try to emulate Reagan’s integrity.

There are hundreds of articles available about President Regan. Here is one perspective; Dr. James Dobson also has written an excellent account of his experiences with President Reagan and his administration. I highly recommend reading the latter, as it offers a perspective on conservative political issues from before Reagan era through today.

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  1. “Actually I was fortunate enough to meet President Reagan. I did the White House correspondents dinner once back in the 1980Â’s and I got to sit next to the president and have dinner with him. He was a very funny man. He was a great comic. He had a great sense of humor. He told me a very funny story – he asked me “Jay what kind of student were you?” We were talking about school. And he said, “You know, Jay, I was not a very good student. I was only a c+ student. He said, if IÂ’d only applied myself how much further I could have gone in life.” IsnÂ’t that a great story? God bless him! Very nice man. Wonderful man.”
    Jay Leno, “The Tonight Show” Monday, June 7, 2004.

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