I am reminded of Robert A. Heinlein’s essay, “Pravda Means Truth”:

“Iraq's Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf scoffed at the American statements declaring that the coalition forces have continued advancing into Iraq.” (From http://reuters.feedroom.com)

Here’s a rough transcript of remarks by Iraq’s Information Minister:

“Therefore, what had been mentioned in some stooge’s media is completely unbased, in regard to Kufasa [sp?], in regard to Kafou [sp?], and in regard to their stupid columns moving and now stopped fully, and they will be surrounded near Nassaria and near Ur, historical antiquities there.”

That being said, I am reminded of the human cost of this war, both with the servicemen and woman who have died, and in the inevitable collateral damage.

“The causalites on civilians up to now we have in hostpitals 207 injured children, women, and other civiliians. We are going to take you, if you like, to visit them.” (Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf)

This, of course, pales in comparison to the millions of his own people Saddam has been responsible for killing, including the 500,000 exterminated after the Gulf War.

Regarding how accurate the specific targeting of regime facilities for propaganda, the KGB-like secret police, communication, and military sites, has been (at the exclusion of civilian infrastructure), U.K. Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon said, “The lights stayed on in Baghdad, but the instruments of tyrrany are collasping.”

War, indeed, is a depressing subject. I continue to hope and pray for a rapid end to this conflict.

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