You think Boston traffic officers are tough?—Try Britain

Read this from Reuters. 🙂

I once got a parking ticket when the fuel pump died on a car I was using; I managed to coast off I-93 at the Government Center exit, and park behind the first legal parking space on the right. This was way before everyone’s dog had his own cell phone, and I had to leave the car to make phone calls, so I left a note on the dash. I thought about leaving the keys in the car so the traffic officer could verify that it really was a breakdown, but then someone would probably have taken the keys or locked them in the car. Obviously, when I got back to the car, it had been ticketed. Next time I’ll just cause a massive traffic jam.

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  1. [doug]First they ticket a car for being parked in a no-parking zone, even though the car was there before the no-parking lines had been painted. Then they issue a ticket to a rabbit (the animal, not the car). See this Reuters article.

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