Old House / New House (We Pray)

From this ...    ... to this!

Today we placed an offer on a house in Hudson, New Hampshire, that we really fell in love with. This would place me only 18 miles from work, instead of 50—a big difference, especially considering the need for more family time.

We will know tomorrow (probably) if our offer is accepted, and it is, of course, contingent on our selling the house in Brockton. Today we had five showings, and have had one or two a day for the past three weeks. We reduced our price a little bit, as our realtor recommended, and are really praying that this “whole package” works out.

In other family events, the kids are getting ready to go back to school (here for a month or two), and Naomi is due in 8 1/2 weeks! Wow.

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  1. [doug]After some minor haggling over price and dates (the sellers came down in price to where I expected they would, but not as low as weÂ’d offered), we will have an accepted contract tonight. Another concession we had to make was that the contract only lasts two weeks (until September 5), alhtough it can be extended for two week periods as necessary.
    The showings on our house continue; we just need a buyer!

  2. 2:52 p.m. Well, we just got a call from the realtor we work with in New Hampshire, and someone else placed an offer on our “dream house” over the weekend. With no offers in yet for our current property, we are just about definitely out of the running for this new one. Very disappointing.

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