A Reasonable Offer on Our House

Subject to change without notice: After a week of haggling, some interested buyers have made what is a reasonable offer on our house. This was unexpected, as the original offer was very low.

Now, of course, we face the home inspection, and, even more important, we need to find suitable housing in Nashua or Hudson. Keep praying.

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  1. We'll be checking out a bunch of homes in Nashua Sunday afternoon. WeÂ’ve been invited to lunch by a member of Tabernacle Baptist Church (where we expect to attend when we move), and then have a bunch of showings lined up. Nichelle is scheduling the details.
    We expect to hear from our buyers about whether they accept the final paperwork (we would not guarantee the washer, dryer, or dishwasher, and wanted to extend our closing date to be late November instead of the end of October, which would give us more than 5 days to find a house!).
    Still, there seem to be a number of really good choices in Nashua at the moment.
    More details as I have them.

  2. Well, our search on Sunday found us one very nicely-sized house near the Nashua airport. Seems like a good neighborhood, and is very convenient for our church and work commutes. We're waiting for the home inspection to be done on our house (Wednesday—tomorrow—night) before we make an offer (having been burned so many times now).
    It was odd: despite the fact we liked this place, I could feel that we were very reluctant to get our hopes up while we toured houses on Sunday.

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