Believe It or Not, We Have Another Offer

Unfortunately, I do not have any details on the offer yet, as we missed the phone call from the realtor.

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  1. We’re working on it. This from the guy who can’t read the part on the submission form about multiple line feeds.

  2. The offer was very low, but some reasonably-priced homes are available in the Nashua area. We are continuing negotiations and will see what we can do.

  3. Believe or not, we gave four offers and four inspections. All the houses got incurable disease…. Ha, God just want us to pay attention before we give any offer… Later that year, we got our house finally right before my son was born. I signed the closing paper at hospital.

  4. … is definitely something we've learned through all this. Believe it or not, we have buyers who still have not said yes or no about taking our house. We went down a little in price, but not that mch, and there are quite a few good places in Nashua available, even accounting for the difference in price.
    We firmly believe God has a plan for us, and that He wants us to move, and that He will take care of it when everything is ready.
    Thanks for your encouragement, sis!

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