How Accurate Is Our Perspective on the War in Iraq?

Commentator Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down, says American troops returning from Iraq are surprised to find such a pessimistic view of the war in the media.

Listen to his commentary at this National Public Radio archive site.

Interestingly, Mark Bowden is actually against the war, given the failure to find weapons of mass destruction.

I still find it interesting that we have forgotten that Bill Clinton believed Iraq had WMDs, that he failed to transfer information on current terrorist threats to the Bush administration, went soft on terror, crippled the military, and even failed to eliminate Osama Bin Laden when given the opportunity.

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  1. ItÂ’s obvious that Kerry supporters canÂ’t look to his voting record or stand (stand/sit/stand/sit/lay down) on past and current issues to prop him up, so they seem to need to invent unproven areas in which Kerry can claim he will improve. I was surprised to hear Billyboy Clinton rave about how John Kerry will be tough on the War on Terror.
    How exactly will he be tough? Tough when he insists that our action in Iraq was incorrect? Tough when he slashes defense and intelligence budgets (or has he waffled on those issues again)? So far I have not heard one word of an actual strategy from Kerry on anything from Iraq (other than he wouldnÂ’t change the current plan) to the economy.
    George Bush has plans, moral convictions, a sense of duty, and accountability. Kerry has waffling that is equal or greater to BillyboyÂ’s, the inability to vote to match his own belief structure, poll-driven Machiavellianism, and the ability to justify the most bizarre decisions. (Life begins at conception … but itÂ’s not human life.) Yeah, thatÂ’s what we need again! WasnÂ’t Billy enough of a lesson?

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