So, Where Do They Stand?

Issue President Bush Senator Kerry
Passage of a Federal Marriage Protection Amendment Supports Opposes
Permanent Extension of the $1,000 Per-Child Tax Credit Supports Opposes
Educational Choice for Parents (School Vouchers) Supports Opposes
Unrestricted Abortion on Demand Opposes No Response
Federal Funding for Faith-Based Charitable Organizations Supports No Response
Permanent Elimination of the “Marriage Penalty” Tax Supports Opposes
Permananet Elimination of the Death (Inheritance) Tax Supports Opposes
Partial Birth Abortion Ban Supports Opposes
Public Financing of Abortions Opposes Supports
Adoption of Children by Homosexuals Opposes No Response
Placing US Troops under UN Control Opposes No Reponse (but you’ve heard his speeches)
Affirmative Action Programs that Promote Preferential Treatment Opposes Supports
Allowing Younger Workers to Invest a Portion of Their Social Security Tax in a Private Account Supports Opposes
Unborn Victims of Violence Act Supports Opposes
Appointing Pro-Life Judges Supports Opposes
Prohibiting Distributing “Morning After” Pills to Children in Schools Supports Opposes
Requring Parental Notification for a Minor Daugher’s Abortion Supports Opposes

5 Replies to “So, Where Do They Stand?”

  1. I'm voting for Senator Palpatine.
    He's strong on the military. In fact, he's behind BOTH the separatists AND the republic.
    He knows how to deal with alleged “peaceful planets” with “no weapons.”
    He has a plan for the energy crisis. He can generate his own electricity!
    He knows how to influence those pesky gridlockers who oppose “progress.”
    He wants to get rid of those outdated black secret service outfits with a more trendy “red robe with red helmet” look.
    I say vote Palpatine on November 2nd!!!

  2. Mark wasnÂ’t the only one to think we need Palpatine for President in 2004.
    There used to be a hilarious site, which is now gone, entitled Palpatine for President, and even included an anlysis of possible running mates. (My favorite was Darth Vader; Cons: Goes through military leaders like Kleenex.)

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