See You Later, Sam Tanasso

Yesterday we learned that Sam Tanasso, long-time friend of the Wilcox family, passed away Friday at age 80.

Sam was the treasurer at our church when we lived in Massachusetts, and had been there as long as I could remember.

An online obituary is available here, including a Web form to send a note of condolences to the family.

I will have to write a bit more later.

2 Replies to “See You Later, Sam Tanasso”

  1. I loved Sam. What a heart! He had a weak spot for my little girls (Who could blame him?) I remember having little Vivienne in church and Sam would always manage to have a little toy or stuffed animal for her. I'm sad to hear he's gone, but I know he's praising God in the presence of the Lord.

  2. My whole family LOVED Sam and miss him terribly. Many Sunday's in church I look at the chair he used to sit in at the back of the sanctuary and cry. Just about every morning while bringing my girls to NEBA, Tara will say “hi Sam” as we pass his grave.

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