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  1. I’m not convinced the ages line up. I’m still working this out.

    Let’s say that ObiWan was 25 in The Phantom Menace. There’s like 15 years TOPS between Menace and Clones. That makes him 40 in Clones. Add 2 or 3 years till Sith. Luke was, what, 17 in A New Hope? That makes ObiWan 60 in A New Hope. I think he looked a lot older than 60, and I’m not even convinced that ObiWan was really as old as 25 in Phantom.

    What do you think?

  2. Sir Alec Guinness was born in April of 1914, meaning he would have been 63 when ANH was released in ’77, and 62 when filming. Official Timeline places TPM 32 years before ANH, so if use Guinness’ real age for Obi Wan’s, Kenobi was 30 in TPM, 40 in AOC, and 42-43 in ROS. Of course this makes Luke and Leia 20 in ANH- this is beleiveable for Leia, but Luke is still very whiny; like father like son I guess

  3. Hmm, if Obi Wan was 30 in Phantom, then I guess that would work. I didn’t think he was that old in that movie though. I guess Padawans train for a while. No wonder Anakin was so arrogant for being mad that he wasn’t made a Jedi Master in Sith.

  4. “Hmm, if Obi Wan were 30” would be the correct subjunctive. Too much “alternative” poetry and not enough Shakespeare.

  5. I’m not so sure about this, Wordmeister. Were would be the present subjunctive. But since I was speculating on a past tense event, then would not the past tense be used?

    I’m honestly not sure.

    Is it different to say, “If I were 50,” than to say “if I were 50 back in 1985?”

    I’m not sure.

    As for too much “alternative” poetry, you’re DEFINITELY right on that one!

  6. If I can redirect the conversation BACK to STAR WARS (Geeks… sheesh):

    Christian Themes in the Star Wars Saga- anyone else see parallels? Lucas obviously borrowed from the religions and mytholgies of the world, and while the idea of “the Force” may be primarily Bhuddist, I can’t help but see (project?) Christian themes throughout. Here are a few:
    1) Anakin was apostate- the seed that fell on stony ground or among thorns. It was only when Luke “saves” him in ROJ that he is truly redeemed.
    2) The Jedi are like Pharisees- So caught up in being “Jedi” and so intune with the “ways of the force” that they became arrogant and blind to the possibility that a)sin could be found among them (Windu dismisses Padme’s concerns about Dooku in AOC, i.e. “…it’s not in his nature”) b)Satan could be at their doorstep, ie, Palpatine.
    3) The asceticism of the Jedi failed to address the needs of the “whole” person- it was a failure in fellowship that allowed Anakin to wallow in doubt, despair and fear of loss. Rather than come along side him and bear his burdens, the answer to everything was to deny his emotional attachments to his mother and wife, effectively “inoculating” him against true “faith” (see observation 1) above). It was Palpatine who gave him “love” and acceptance and was thus able to exploit him.

    3.5)Anakin brought balance to the force in ROJ by acting in love to save his son, thus destoying the false dichotomy between the faith and feelings, and correcting the extremes of the Jedi (no emotion) and the Sith (lust)

    I know I’m strecthing, but what do you think?

  7. Mark said: stretching

    Aaargh! Enough with spelling/typing! Anyone can tell me I can’t type, but only YOU can tell me what YOU think about Star Wars and believe it or not, I want to know what YOU think about what I think about Star Wars.

    bsdies, eynovere kwnos taht the oedrr of the ltertes is uptinmonrat;)

    I think;)

  8. When I said “stretching” I wasn’t commenting on your misspelling. In fact, I didn’t even notice it until you posted about it! My reference to “stretching” meant that I thought your analysis was a stretch.

    As Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  9. Mark-

    I’m not for a second implying that Lucas slipped those themes in there delibrately- he’s been quoted as saying “all religions are true.”

    I know that I am projecting my own worldview onto the movie(s), but I guess I can’t help it- I’m always looking for angels in the architecture.

  10. And now for something completely different- they never did explain who Jedi Syfo-Dyas (For those who don’t remember, in AOC he was credited with ordering the Clone Army 10 years prior).

    It’s an obvious play on Sidious (S. Dyas), but that leads to other questions: was Sidous a Jedi prior to taking on the identity of Palpatine? Did Dooku use Syfo-Dyas as a pseudomym to order the clones for Sidious. Does anybody really care…?

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