Witness the Evidence, Ye Doubters

I wrote this in an earlier post:

We have been leaving our sleds out most of the winter as offerings to the snow gods. So far it has been working, although I had to correct the kids on making the proper offering. Scattering the toboggans about the yard is not the way to get the snow gods’ attention: One must place the sleds vertically, up against the deck or porch railing, as if ready for instant use. You don’t want to get rain all winter, do you?

I offer hear clear photographic evidence that such beliefs are indeed rational:

Above left: Our offering to the snow gods, carefully placed yesterday morning.

Above right: The same scene less than 24 hours later.

8 Replies to “Witness the Evidence, Ye Doubters”

  1. I’m not even going to comment on this one…

    And, no, saying I’m not going to comment does not count as a comment!

    Editor’s note: Yes, it does; just as adding this note to your comment counts as a comment.

  2. Hey, did you put the sleds away after the snow? The snow is almost gone. 13 or so inches and where is it? PUT THOSE SLEDS BACK UP!! SKIS, whatever put them up!! It is Feb in NH…we need more snow!!

  3. The sleds are out there! We’re doing our part.

    Isaac was really angry the other morning when the snow was melting.

    I’m beginning to think the problem is me. When we were looking at houses in New Hampshire (2 winters), there were mountains of snow. Now that I live here … nothing.

    When I moved to the Midwest for college … nothing. In New England there was so much snow it made the national news.

    I returned to New England … nothing again … and of course the Midwest snowfalls made the national news.

    I visit Florida, there’s so much snow back in New England that it closes all airports for a couple of days, and we get bumped to first class.

    My brother-in-law Chet even e-mailed from North Carolina to brag about the snow he was getting. Come on!

    Wherever I am, snow isn’t. 🙁

  4. OK then, Doug can you please leave for a few weeks? or maybe move to another part of the country? Maybe then we all can enjoy a nice normal NE winter!

    All in jest of course! Crazy how it can seem like it is “us” isn’t it. I bought winter coats yesterday for Cabot for next year and the price was so good I bought him another one for the rest of winter…they were $6.00 they said that since winter is over they are putting them on clearance 75% off! YIKES didn’t even know we had a winter! 🙂

  5. I’ll be happy to stay in Hawaii (Volcano National Park, woohoo!), Mexico, the Dominican Republic (any Spanish-speaking country, really), for as long as necessary to restore snowfall in New England to its proper levels.

    (I’ve actually used, “Get rid of Doug Wilcox,” as a basis for fundraising in past missions trips to Mexico.)

    So …

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