Congressman Mark Foley: Pedophile

Congressman Mark Foley is unquestionably a homosexual pedophile.

I’ve just finished reading the transcript of one of Mark Foley’s instant messenger conversation with a former Congressional page. (There are a few more excerpts from a different conversation here on CNN.)

While such communication has been repeatedly labeled “inappropriate,” in the media, reading the transcript makes it clear that it was way beyond inappropriate, and clearly typical of a predatory pedophile. What hasn’t happened yet (as far as we know) is Foley being caught having an active sexual relationship with a minor, but that doesn’t change the definition of pedophile. He is guilty (assuming these transcripts are genuine) of using his instant message communications to sexually exploit/sexually harass teens for his own sexual gratification.

As detailed in the transcript linked above, Foley discusses with a minor various sexual acts, including masturbation and manual penile stimulation by another individual, talks about wanting to slip the minor’s shorts off him and “gram the one-eyed snake,” [sic; grab was mistyped as gram] then goes on to request that the minor remind him of the length the boy’s erect penis, which had been communicated to Foley before.

We should not tolerate this evil, nor be afraid to name it for what it is.

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  1. Good point- I don’t think I have heard the word “pedophile” used with all the coverage. What is pathetic is his daily update of excuses…. oh, by the way I’m an alcoholic…. oh, and I’m gay…. like everything is a disease and hence, not his fault- not calling it the sin that it is.

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