John Piper on the “Prosperity Gospel”

I was directed to this item over on Rick Harrington’s BLOG by Erik DiVietro.

The “health and wealth” movement is an affront to Christianity, but one that (in various degrees) has pervaded our Christian culture. We all tend to assume, unless we actively fight it, that the wealthy (especially wealthy believers) have some special blessing from God.

But televangelists and false preachers have spread the message of “God wants everyone rich,” around the world, to the detriment of Christ’s cause. Piper really nails my opinion of this false gospel.

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  1. I understand Piper’s heart here – and as a guy who loves the poor (especially Africa), it saddens me that people evoke the name of Jesus while making empty promises.

    But I have to say, I don’t hate them. I hate their doctrine – it is false. But I don’t hate the people. It saddens me that the depth of God’s Word is lost on these people.

    But, you gotta admit – Piper is honest. That is the feeling he was experiencing, and he let people know it. How many Christians really do that?

  2. Note that Piper never claims to hate the purveyors of this false gospel, merely that false gospel itself.

    I just rewatched this, and, man, is it powerful.

    God was good—although it was painful to learn to believe it—when Nichelle, love of my life, was in constant agony and life was unbearably difficult in virtually every way.

    He is still good when our worst problem is finding enough time in the day to accomplish all that is on our list.

    When “… you say, through the deepest possible pain, God is good. He is good; He will take care of us; He will get us through; He is our treasure … that makes God look glorious.”


  3. They’ve played this clip on Way of the Master Radio a few times. Very powerful stuff! Piper is spot on!

    Todd Friel has said that if a “gospel” doesn’t work on death row, then it’s not the true biblical gospel.

    Does “God wants you to be healthy and wealthy” work with a man heading to the electric chair? Of course not!

    But you know what does… we are sinners deserving of damnation. We have broken God’s laws. He is just to send us to Hell and He has appointed a day when He will judge the world in righteousness. Repent and put your faith in Christ, and He will forgive you of your sins and reconcile you to Himself.

    That works in Africa, on death row, with the downtrodden, and with those who already are healthy and wealthy.

    I thank God for people like John Piper who tell it like it is,and I thank God for you, Doug, for posting this!

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