People Will Believe Anything, 2

I’m going to try to stay out of trouble today, after yesterday’s fiasco of pointing to an extremely inaccurate and anti-semitic conspiracy page.

I have always found the Urban Legends section of (formerly The Mining Company) immensely entertaining. It’s also extremely useful in debunking the ever-present hoax virus warnings and too-good-to-be-true “Forward This to Everyone on Your List” e-mails.

Why are anti-NWO conspiracy theorists typically anti-semitic?

This may fall under the unanswerable questions category, like “Why did The Man in the High Castle win a Hugo award?” but ki pointed out that many global conspiracy theorists and their organizations are strongly anti-semitic. This makes little sense to me, as this future New World Order is, according to Scripture, going to be anti-semitic itself—attempting (and failing) to destroy Israel. Ki suggested that I am looking for logic and reason where none exist.

“Shock and Awe” Has Begun

Brian Cortez directed me to the raw video feeds (some are live; some are looped) at

The views of the explosions are terrific—in the older sense of the word (causing extreme terror).

We continue to hope that the campaign will end quickly, and that Iraq will know freedom and democracy.

The Wilcox Family BLOG is Up and Running

For those of you who were wondering, a BLOG is a weB LOG.

Lots of news to report:

  • Best news we've had in a while: Nichelle is feeling better, and consistently so. She still needs quite a bit of rest, but is starting to return to her workaholic tendencies.
  • The first ultrasound of the upcoming addition to the Wilcox family is done. The creature appears to be human, and doing well. Due date is sometime in October.

    Isaac believes this is much too long to wait, and says a month should be enough. I explained to him that babies take a long time to cook. He replied, “You mean develop, Dad.” I tried to weasel my way around that by explaining that he had to cook in an incubator for a month after he was born, but he didn't buy it.

  • We are probably going to take our house off the market when our contract expires in 10 days, and do some cosmetic work to bring it as close to perfect as we can, including the long-postponed finishing of the upstairs bathroom and probably replacing the kitchen cabinets and countertop. We still hope to move to Nashua before the baby is born.
  • Today the US began its campaign to free Iraq from their oppressive dicatatorship. Interested in what kind of regime we are trying to topple? Consider this article from the New Zealand Herald.
  • The Iraq war is a complex subject, and I'll post some more of my views on this big issue later. I am not really a fan of war, but there are times when it is necessary. Remember that Israel was severely criticized for taking out Iraq's nuclear research facility years ago, which proved to have been vital when we were forced to get the Iraqui's out of Kuwait. We pray that our leaders would have wisdom in this matter.
  • We have a new pet in the house. Isaac's leopard gecko died, apparently from old age, a few weeks ago. We now have an absolutely adorable crested gecko. This guy can climb smooth or rough vertical surfaces, change colors (light-green, sandy, or dark brown we've seen, and we expect to see red as he gets bigger). There are some fairly decent photos of these critters here.