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Posted: 29th October 2006 by David in David, Doug, Family Members, Home Life, The Kids, Uncategorized

[Editor’s note: This is David’s first-ever BLOG post. Yes, I will get even. For the record, David is 7 years old, just started second grade, and it was a wiffle-ball bat.] A few weeks ago I beet up my dad with a basballbat and then I threw the basballbat at the flor and my dad […]

And you thought your family was geeky? Left to right are Isaac, as Lieutenant Commander Data; Doug as Chief Engineer Wilcox, stationed on the USS Reliant; Naomi as her favorite Star Trek character, Princess Leia (yes, we know); Nichelle as Chief Medical Officer also aboard the Reliant, and David as Ensign Monroe, leader of the […]

Geek Version: (See the Non-Geek Version below, as well as the Blonde Version.) It seems that Internet Explorer 7 doesn’t like gzip compression being served up from at least some Web servers. For a week or more, I’ve been aware that getting to our BLOG using IE7 was impossible. (Bob Richardson first pointed it out […]

Naomi poses with some of her favorite pictures as a backdrop. This past Friday was Naomi’s birthday. She has known for a while, and been talking about, two other things that would happen when she turned three: One, she would get her ears pierced, and second, her pacifers would go in the trash before she […]

Sancocho We have been awaiting a truly delicious traditional Dominican meal—sancocho—for several months now. (Doug: One of us had resorted to pleading and begging.) On Friday we were invited over to the DaLaCruz’s home for such a rich and delicious meal and also a great time with Mahli and Miguel and their family and friends. […]

Congressman Mark Foley: Pedophile

Posted: 4th October 2006 by LegoDoug in Politics, Significant, Uncategorized

Congressman Mark Foley is unquestionably a homosexual pedophile. I’ve just finished reading the transcript of one of Mark Foley’s instant messenger conversation with a former Congressional page. (There are a few more excerpts from a different conversation here on CNN.) While such communication has been repeatedly labeled “inappropriate,” in the media, reading the transcript makes […]