[Editor’s note: This is David’s first-ever BLOG post. Yes, I will get even. For the record, David is 7 years old, just started second grade, and it was a wiffle-ball bat.]

A few weeks ago I beet up my dad with a basballbat and then I threw the basballbat at the flor and my dad started to run away then he went into the bathroom. then he started to run away from me agen

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  1. I would like to clarify, that there was a whole lot of craziness that evening (including Nichelle swinging Isaac upside-down by his ankles), and most of the “running away” was done by David.

    It started when I got home from class at about 9:15, just as the kids were about to be sent off to bed. Everything was calm. Then we threw in Naomi’s new Laurie Berkner Band DVD, and started singing and dancing around the family room.

    One thing led to another. Soon there were noodle sabers, zany chases, wiffle ball bats, and sneak attacks added to the mix. The kids didn’t get to bed on time, but we had an absolute blast. Nichelle was as involved as anyone else—it’s so good to have her at full capacity again. I love these spontaneous family fun moments.

    And I can back up my statements with video.

  2. I would be scared too!! The thought of David having a baseball bat in his hands gives me goose bumps!!! Don’t you remember what David did to Goliath?!?! Weren’t you named after King David?!?!?! YIKES!

  3. Hi there! Isn’t it fun having kids? You sound like your priorities are pretty well in order. Spontaneous family fun before bed curfew! These are things our kids will remember one day and talk about with joy. Not neceassarily that their parents always got them to bed on time, but how much fun could erupt when dad got home! Wonderful! Oh, by the way, I found my way here to your blog through M.J.’s.

  4. This is Brian, and I just read your response to Jackie’s post! I will have you know that I am a humanoid and will remain here on planet earth for the remainder of my life. Your attempt to subvert my authority and get my wife to “assimilate” me is futile and a show of your evil intentions!!!

    haha viva el gringo

  5. Jackie:

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on our BLOG. David was especially thrilled to find comments from someone so far away on his first post. Always great to meet another Trekker. I’ll bet we could convince Scotty [Brian’s brother] to be assimilated, but Brian may take longer. You can remind him that “resistance is futile.” 🙂

    We’re so thrilled to hear your news from the missions field. Your excitement at being “home” is clear.

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