Ultrasound (and Names)

[nichelle]Well, the technician checked twice and the result is in: We're having a girl!!!!!!!! We (Isaac, David, and I) saw her yawn several times. The boys were asking many different questions and commenting on what some of the body parts looked like, e.g. a t-rex, a skyscraper, etc. The technician thought it was pretty funny.

Doug and I have had the first name picked out for some time now (before Isaac was born), but we're not sure what the middle name is going to be. Your suggestions are welcome. [Note from Doug: I’ll get a Web form up for submissions soon.] For those that don't know yet, the first name is going to be Naomi.

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  1. Well, congrats on the girl, you guys. When looking at the pics of the boys and y'all in Doug's cube, I was wondering “Will it be a girl?” I guess it's a yes, then!
    As for the middle name: Perhaps since everyone is so keen on correcting Nichelle's name, you can name her Naomi Michele? (Ok … not really.)

  2. [doug]I wanted a nice Afrocentric middle name, like Nefertiti (one of the most powerful women of ancient Egypt), which means “the beautiful woman has come.” (See the article at MSNBC.com. Nichelle is against it, though.

  3. Nichelle doesnÂ’t actually have a middle name. Maybe we should have her legal named changed so the very appropriate Nefertiti is her middle name!

  4. middle name?? where to start??!! hows “doomed” sound? as in doomed once born into our family? or it could be edith… that way her initals would be NEW
    i read doug wants one that is afrocentric… but how can she have a middle name of “snap””click” “whistle” “pop” ?
    not sure…. but will keep thinking for ya… i'm sure i'll come up with something!
    *doug? is there some Egyptian word that means, “daughter of she who burns”?

  5. Just a thought, but you had hoped for a girl..How bout Hope for a middle name?? Wasn't this a scene in a Jimmy Stewart movie with June Alison?? Congrats brother and sister..love ya

  6. [mark] I am sooo excited that you guys are having a GIRL! As a daddy of 2 of them, I can tell you what a blessing they are. Whenever my oldest roleplays, she gets to be a princess and I GET TO BE A PRINCE! I can't wait to see Doug at a pretend tea party! God bless!!!

  7. [mark] Perhaps my recently-born son, Caleb, and your soon-to-be-born daughter (Kerna Naomi Africa) can be betrothed? What are you offering for a dowry???

  8. [doug]We are actually considering Naomi Nichelle, since Isaac got to be Isaac Douglas.
    I’m planning to raise my daughter to be the ultimate Geek goddess—as beautiful as Nichelle and as frighteningly smart as Isaac. In fact, Naomi is scheduled to start prenatal Smalltalk classes any day now.
    Nichelle might have other plans.

  9. [nichelle]Well, that is indeed interesting, DougÂ’s goals and mine for the babe. IÂ’m going to try to keep her as feminine as possible for as long as I can, w/ the frilly clothes, dolls, kitchen sets/accessories…..overload, canÂ’t handle all of the things I'll be able to buy. This is awesome. No, IÂ’m not saying that I don't want her to be intelligent (like her brothers), either. Just realized what I was saying may be taken the wrong way.
    Doug, you'll have to get ready now for such girly things (which I will be encouraging a lot) and also the sports stuff w/ our boys….lol. As for the name, Nefertiti is definitely OUT. Naomi Nichelle is nice, but IÂ’m still open to suggestions (real ones, Mark. Oh, and by the way, Happy 30th Birthday!!!!!!!!).

  10. I'm voting with Aunt Martha- I love the name Hope, and all the peaceful feelings that come with the word!

  11. [david]The other night at church, David, age 4, was telling someone that he knew what his sisterÂ’s nickname would be: Jan.
    Jan Ors is DavidÂ’s favorite character in LucasArtsÂ’ Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series of games. For some reason, he is nearly obsessed with the character. For weeks (until Isaac stepped on them accidentally and broke them), he would wear his sunglasses up on his head, like Jan wears her flight goggles.

  12. Doug here: We finally got an e-mail from the Quinlans!
    Hi Doug, Nichelle, John, Isaac, David and Naomi Evangelista:
    I think that the name sounds beautiful and they match. Anyway, thatÂ’s my vote for the name, and Eric thinks the same way. Great minds think alike. We miss you guys. God bless you.
    Love in Christ Jesus, Eric, Juana,* John and James
    [doug]*For the record, Juana was named Juana Evangelista del Corazón de Jesús Gonzalez-Guerrero at birth. Now that’s quite a name.

  13. I have a nosey baby name question for you…
    Is Naomi the name you and Nichelle have chosen for your daughter? If so, is it just because you like the name and/or its meaning, or is the Biblical Naomi someone you admire?
    (I'm not a religious person, but I've always admired Ruth's story – to me, like Penelope, she is a great example of loyalty, of the way women make emotional decisions which are logically “wrong” but emotionally, it's impossible to make another decision… so I'm always curious why there are so many more Naomis than Ruths. :))

  14. Not nosey at all. As you can tell from our BLOG, we're rather open-book kind of folks.

    We had the name Naomi picked out since way before Isaac was born. We preferred to give Biblical names to our kids, both to reflect our Christianity, but also because they also then always have a Spanish equivalent. (I’ve ended up with “just call me Sandalas” too many times because Doug is difficult or impossible for many Spanish-speakers to pronounce.)

    I agree that Ruth is my favorite character in the story of Ruth and Naomi, but the name Naomi just sounds prettier. Naomi (whose name means delightful or pleasant in Hebrew), though she doesn’t have quite the strength of character of Ruth, does undergo a remarkable transformation from an �It's God�s fault� mentality, at which point she actually asks people to call her Marah, meaning bitter, to an “It’s God’s plan,” when she finally realizes the good that comes about after all her personal losses.

    Of course, much of baby naming, even in my case, is more emotional or a matter of picking something that sounds nice.

    We got some really amusing suggestions from our Sunday School class (third and fourth graders) this weekend, including Shananay. (That one's definitely not on the list.)
    Hmmm. Maybe we should go with Naomi Ruth.


  15. Here's my idea for a middle name: Why don't you just name her “Naomi Nichelle”, and maybe her nickname could be “Nani”

  16. [doug][nichelle]He wasnÂ’t the first to suggest Nichelle as a middle name, but Juan Brea's idea (above) for a cool nickname tipped the balance in favor of Nichelle.
    Of course, itÂ’s not too late to change our minds….

  17. Seeing that you would not accept any of my previous suggestions, I'm not sure I should try again. But, being an eternal optimist, here is another:
    Naomi Yolanda Wilcox

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