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[doug]Well, today was not a day without some importance. Our new realtor came by to look at the improvements on the house and give us a market estimate. The reality of moving left me a bit panicky for a while, and then rather sad. I’ve never done well with big changes, and this move will separate me from where I’ve lived most of my life.

Ultimately, I need to grasp firmly the idea that we are in God’s hands, that it is He who (unquestionably) provided the job in Chelmsford, and that my wife and children need me at home earlier and need me closer to home when I’m at the office.

Nashua provides a quick commute, a good church and school[s], and affordable living. In a day or so, I’ll get through this emotional transition, but it’s a pain, and there·s still a great deal to pray about.

Onward …

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  1. The irony of this is that I knew when it came time to sign the papers putting our house back on the market I would feel this way. IÂ’m still a bit edgy today, but that should pass. Prayer goals are a quick sale here, a decent house in Nashua without a big increase in cost, and grace to deal with the stress of selling/buying/moving.

  2. Delivering a baby somewhere in the middle. We have a tendency to do things all at once in this family. Let's see, with our first pregnancy, Doug took over the company he was working for, we bought our first house and our son, Isaac was born 2 months early. With the next child (children), John came to live with us and just before that happened, we found out we were pregnant w/ David. We also moved during that pregnancy, but earlier on. Here we are again, I'm pregnant, with a little less than 12 weeks to go before I deliver and we're moving out of state this time. Well, that's how we do things anyway.

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