Coming Soon to Country [Not] Near You—Your Job

My yaar Pankaj Verma sent me a link to this article this morning, which predicts that by 2015, 348,028 U.S. computer jobs will move “offshore.” This is a rather frightening prospect for those of us who have been burned by the dot-bomb crises of the past few years, although this report includes the comforting statistic that approximately 1,761,000 new jobs will open up in these areas by 2010.

While I’m on it, I still have two former co-workers who are looking for work after the big corporate “treatment” a year ago by [fomer employer’s name deleted]. These are both hard-working, highly-skilled, dedicated people, who, frankly, don’t deserve to have been unemployed as long as they have. Grrrrrrrrr.

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  1. The friend I have who is now selling cars instead of doing ASP and Flash, or another friend who left computer support for two part-time jobs (one at Wal*Mart, the other as a church secretary), or another former co-worker who decided her family could live on one income because the job situation was so poor. ::: sigh :::

  2. Hey Doug, I never had thought that you would put this article on your BLOG!! Actually, this is for the first time I am looking at your BLOG!! So, for my information, could you tell me if a BLOG is what it appears on your website??

  3. What's worse, in some respects, is when you actually get an interview and an offer, it's an obnoxious low-ball offer. Yes, the dot-com bubble has burst, but the economy will turn around, and these sleazey employers that are low balling people will be wondering why everyone is leaving for more money.
    hurrumppppphhh… glad I'm not one of those people.

  4. Most companies do not have problems attracting smart, productive people.
    Most companies *do* have problems KEEPING smart, productive people.
    Compare your workspace to Hmmmm…. Adobe…. nice productive offices for programmers and they OVERWHELMINGLY DOMINATE their market segment. Hmmmmm….. Microsoft… nice productive offices for programers and they OVERWHELMINGLY DOMINATE their market segment. Hmmmm…. SAS…. nice productive offices for programmers and….
    Move along! No pattern here, nothing to see folks, move along now! Veal fattening pens and outsourcinig is the way to go!

  5. One last thing…Job hunting daily is bad enough without having to deal with employers who want you to speak Swahili for low or no pay.

  6. Why is it that resume reviewers get in a snit when the information they're looking for isn't handed to them on a silver platter? Talk about a serious my time is more important than yours attitude problem.
    You have to go through a mountain of resumes? Well I have to apply to a mountain of jobs, usually posted with minimal job description and reviewed by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. I deal, you should learn to.

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