A True Dream Job—Becoming a Master Builder at LegoLand, California

Co-worker Ted Trela sent me this droolworthy, Lego-related link from Wired news. [Editor’s note: December 15, 2005—It appears the link earlier in this paragraph is not working, try this related story this link instead.]

Of course, I don’t get to build with Lego as a profession, but building software is almost as much fun, so my job is just about as close to being a LegoLand, Californi as the winners of Lego’s nationwide search.

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  1. Oh, I just remembered. I took some pictures to show you while we were at the Lego store at Downtown Disney (FL) in March! I’ll have to remember to bring my camera when I come down next. [I go to the orthopedist tomorrow and I’m hoping to get into a smaller cast!]

    There was a particularly good “Lego” family, but it was so popular that I couldn’t get a clear picture of it. There were always people all over it. I did get shots of the other models, though.

  2. Come on down!

    Bring your TV attachment cable with your camera if you have one.

    Many people mention the Lego store display to me after they visit Disney. No one has ever been kind enough to share pictures.

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