One of Those Days

I was on my way to Nashua to drop off the check for our insurance binder (only $368), when Nichelle called.

She explained that there was a problem, and that I should call our agent

So, I spoke with our agent, and it seems that, despite being given a commitment letter, Fleet is demanding $7,000 more from our buyers, due to, among other things, their insurance costing more than they expected.

They want us to come up with $3,000 of that. And I’m fresh out of $1,000s.

Further details as I have them.

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  1. We finally heard back from our realtor, after communicating with our buyers. It turned out the lender asking for more money was using the wrong interest rate in the formulae. They did need some extra cash, but, apparently not as much, and they got it from a family member.
    What was ironic (at least in retrospect) was that I prayed yesterday morning that if for any reason God really didnÂ’t want us to have this house, He would let this deal fall through, even at this stage.
    Things are looking good for FridayÂ’s closings and moves. We will have complete confirmation by noon today.

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