Naomi’s First Year

Naomi celebrated her first birthday on Oct. 13. I wanted to do something for her and also for our family and friends to celebrate her first year. Doug showed me (very patiently) how to get the photos entered into our family photo gallery and all of the editing that went along with it. Amazingly, I did it, to my surprise. This is the first set for Naomi there will be a second part as well, but that'll be for another night.

We do love our little girl and am very thankful to God for giving her to us. She is truly a precious and sweet gift from our Heavenly Father (I must also point out that our boys are gifts (just as precious and sweet, but boyishly (lol), as well).

Things that she’s doing now: climbing up onto our loveseat to the top over the loveseat onto the stairs and back over again, but not before letting go and falling down to the cushions laughing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera ready for that one. She’s been taking steps now for about a month on her own…not running yet, which is perfectly fine. 😉

Words she says: I would have to say that her first word was: Isaac (sounding like “Aye-yah”; now it's clearer, but not with the c ending. She also said “Mum,” but that was only a few times. She does say “Mama” and “Dada” now. Other words are “up” and “hi” (from time to time).

She already loves to have her hair done. I give her a container with her barrettes in them, and she plays as I do her hair. Once I’m done, she gets a turn and does mine. She loves the phone, especially being able to play with our cell phone. She enjoys opening it and playing with the buttons and pretending to talk into it. It’s charming. Hmmm, now that I remember that I don't think I had any photos of that either…need to get with it, I know.

The great thing about getting these entered myself is that I can do more now without bugging Doug—so our boys will have a place on in the photo gallery, too. Enjoy the pictures.


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  1. What can I say? I loved the “year with Nani” photos and am sooo glad you took the time to record them and publish them. I want to pick that little girl up and eat her! 🙂
    Next to these photos Nichelle keeps saying how much fun Nani had doing this, and how she enjoyed doing that, but I think it's Nichelle who had the MOST FUN! And I think that's wonderful.
    She truly is a gem of a little girl and I look forward to seeing her grow into a godly young lady, just like her Mom.
    I praise Jesus for our friendship and look forward to seeing all of your children grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. His name is praised through you guys. You are a great family!

  2. Mark, thanks for taking the time to go through the photos. I did have fun and look forward to doing more entries. What you said was very much a blessing to me. So thanks.

  3. There will be some pictures of you with Naomi, but I haven't got that far yet. Now please realize that I have a few pictures of Chrystal and Ryan holding Naomi, but only got one of you holding her…sorry. Again, that'll be added to the next gallery I put together. Thanks for checking out the site, too.

  4. Why hasn’t “Unkie Paul” figured out that the the words You Are:, the text box including BLOG Visitor, and the words underneath reading, Replace “BLOG Visitor” (above) with your name (if desired) are all connected?

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