Warning: I Am Posting Something Nice About the IRS

We, like many Americans, are waiting for our tax refund from the Treasury Department. I was poking about the IRS Web site, and discovered an online tool that will tell you when the IRS received your return, and when your refund check will be mailed. Give it a try!

Of course, I lean Libertarian (although I understand the needs of a Federalist system), so I want much more of my tax money back, but that’s a different topic.

3 Replies to “Warning: I Am Posting Something Nice About the IRS”

  1. I tried this to check on my son, JohnÂ’s, tax return (he gets all of $36.72 back), and it couldnÂ’t find him. I wonder if his form got lost in the mail.

  2. Well, we were wondering where our tax check was, and re-ran the IRS utility, and discovered the check had actually been mailed three days after the originally forecast mailing date. Not bad, though. I wish now I had checked it every day to see at what point the expected mailing date was updated.

  3. Well, we found out what happened to John’s tax return form—it was returned to him because he forgot to sign it. Nichelle found it in the mail a day or two ago.

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