Jaeden Has Escaped

Jaeden, Nichelle’s pet corn snake, who we have had for a year and a half, somehow escaped from her aquarium sometime in the past few days, despite our use of a locking lid.

As she wasn’t a very large snake, she may have taken off almost anywhere, and gotten into many places where we would never find her. If it were winter, we could concentrate our search on areas that are heated, but the summer temperatures make just about any environment habitable.

Anyone have any ideas on finding her?

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  1. I’m so sad about this – seriously. I really like Jaeden, and she is the first snake I can honestly say that about. 🙁

    I hope you find her.

    How about walking around with thawed mice on a rope?

  2. I’m thinking of leaving her cage sideways on the floor overnight, with her usual setup, including basking lamp, and a rat pup for her to smell.

    In theory, she’ll eat and then crawl back under her usual spot, if she smells the food. It’s still a long shot.

  3. Instead of an ear of corn, I’m printing out your BLOG comment, which certainly falls under the category of corn.

  4. Nothing. I’ll be searching some more likely hiding places today, but there’s not a high likelihood of success.

    I feel silly praying for the return of a pet snake, but I have been.

  5. Over the weekend I pulled out the refrigerator, and learned just what caused those marks on the linoleum. I managed to add a few marks, but the linoleum in the kitchen was already at the “replace me” stage when we bought the house, so Nichelle was forgiving.

    Still no sign of Jaeden. I am beginning to think she got out of the house completely and that it’s time to get a new snake. 🙁

    Replacing the linoleum is, I think, on the list of things to do, prioritiezed somewhere below fencing the front yard, replacing the roof, replacing the boiler, and asphalting the parking area.

  6. You know, tile may not be a whole lot more money and would last a lot longer and look nicer!

    Okay, now that I’m done with that, I want to say how sad I am to hear that Jaeden is gone. I really really did like her a lot. She made me and Shelby and our kids smile. (Not to mention the whole trying to feed her fiasco!) You can read about that by clicking here.

  7. Nichelle talked to the pet store today, and the proprietress told her that the snakes do escape on occasion and not to worry, that we’d find her again, even though it’s been more than a couple of weeks. Basically when we least expect it, she’ll pass on by somewhere.

  8. That’s GREAT news! Wouldn’t it be funny if Jaeden reared herself during a ladies prayer meeting!?! :evil_laughter:

  9. I had lost my corn snake too at one time but i found her on my pipes in the basement she most have been roming the haous when we are sleep.

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