John Is Off–On A Missions Trip to Jamaica

Early Wednesday morning—at 2:30, actually—John will be leaving with a group of teens from Tabernacle Baptist Church for a ten-day missions trip to work with missionaries Quentin and Sally Reese in Jamaica. During their trip, they will be running a week-long Vacation Bible School, working with the Manna Care Ministry (which brings food and medicine to poor and homeless children), and taking part in two different Sunday services at God’s Way Baptist Church. They will also be passing out gospel tracts, and doing other work to help the missionaries in whatever way they can.

This will be John’s first missions trip. In fact, it will be his first trip out of the country. He is, admittedly, a little nervous. Tonight after dinner we read a short devotional by Corrie Ten Boom about worry. A few days ago I encouraged him not to be afraid, as the worst that could happen is he’d get to go to Heaven soon, and I’d get his X-Box.

This is a great opportunity for John. I know from my own experience that such trips can be profoundly life-changing. Seeing how much of the world lives–or struggles to live–is eye opening. Meeting and spending time in fellowshipping with those who share the common bond of brotherhood in Jesus Christ is enriching.

I’ll update this post throughout the week, as news comes in. Most likely most of the details will need to wait until John returns.

Update–Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Well, the group made it safely to Jamaica, albeit after some delays and sans about half of their luggage. I hope the latter arrives soon for them. On one trip to the Dominican Republic, Nichelle and I were warned to bring at least three days’ worth of clothing and essentials as carry-on. It took exactly that long for us to get our bags.

Update–Saturday, July 16, 2005: Luggage and Hurricanes

We heard that the group’s luggage had been flown to an airport near Kingston, Jamaica, and was supposed to be delivered to them by yesterday or today, if I have the details right.

Hurricane Emily (I still think all hurricanes should be named after women) didn’t hit Jamaica directly, but judging from the satellite photos today, they’re getting some serious wind and rain. That should keep the teens’ lives interesting. Here’s the word from The Weather Channel:

Emily: the Atlantic Basin’s strongest July hurricane
2:55 p.m. ET Sat., Jul.16, 2005

M. Ressler, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel

With winds of 155 mph, Emily has beaten out Dennis for the honor of strongest July hurricane on record in the Atlantic Basin. Emily remains a small but very strong and very dangerous major Category 4 hurricane. If the sustained wind were to increase 1 more mph, Emily would become a Category 5 hurricane. Emily continues to zip to the west-northwest at 18 mph heading into the western Caribbean. The torrential outer rain bands may dump from 6 to locally 10 inches of rain over the mountains of Jamaica and 4 to 7 inches over the Cayman Islands. Flooding and mud slides are possible. The rain bands may possibly produce a few wind gusts to near hurricane strength in the mountains and along the south coast of Jamaica today and then over Grand Cayman Island later tonight into Sunday. A tropical storm warning has been dropped for the southwestern peninsula of Haiti. A hurricane warning is in effect for Jamaica and for the Cayman Islands. A hurricane watch is in effect for the Caribbean side of the Yucatan. A tropical storm watch is in effect for the northern half of coastal Belize.

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7 Replies to “John Is Off–On A Missions Trip to Jamaica”

  1. Way to go John! Our Heavenly Father is glorified!

    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
    Romans 10:13-15

  2. Good for you, John. Your life will be changed because of this trip. My daughter, Tricia, just got back from a missions trip to Mexico (her first trip). Although I knew this trip would change her life, I didn’t know exactly how much it changed her! She is praying about going into the mission field. She wants to go back next summer and spend the entire summer with Brother Tudor in Mexico.

    God bless you, John!

  3. The Tudors are among the best people we’ve ever met, and undoubtedly the nicest missionaries we have spent any length of time with (excepting, of course, my sister Fran, brother-in-law Chet, and nephew-and-niece Mike and Beth Matheson). We miss them very much. It’s been two years since I was able to see them. We are hoping and praying to have enough money next year to bring the whole family for a week or so.

    I hope Tricia is able to spend the summer. It’s an amazing opportunity.

  4. MaryJane, I think it’s awesome that God has put that in your daughter’s heart to want to spend an entire summer serving on the field. Praise God for that. What a tremendous opportunity to minister and be ministered to. Hope she’ll be able to do that, too.

  5. god bless u brother! Iam so proud of u ,that u made this decision to tell the world about jesus. I know that god is happy and glorified because of u. andy and I are praying for u and ur mission for god.we love ya and pray to see u soon!! maybe god will help me to go in that direction someday to go on a missions trip too! u r a very brave kidd, and Iam proud of u to get over that foster home and to serv in their country. dont worry evrything is fine now u have the most precious gift = the love of god!!!

  6. thankyou all for your comments on the trip. I had an excellent trip. it was life changing and it was an eye opening experience for me.It took great power from God for me to overcome the experience in the Jamaican foster home i was in. But God got me through it all and i praise him for that.

  7. ty ty ty ty GOD for bringing my brother and his friends safely home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!amen^_^

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