Man with a Backhoe

For anyone who tried to post/read the Wilcox Family BLOG yesterday, we were affected by the power outage in Los Angeles. When I noticed our mail server was down, I started to file a help request, and got to this page:

Urgent Notice: 9/12/2005

Currently there is a Major Power Outage that has affected Los Angeles Area where one of our data center currently reside.

About half of the servers are currently running using the backup generators.

Unfortunately, the backup generators are not able to supply enough power for the other half of the servers.

We are currently working with the Los Angeles power department to getting power back up for your server.

To read more about the power outage…

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please proceed and open a support ticket or give us a call. Thank you.


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  1. Are you still using webhost4life? Ugh. 🙁

    With that said, my server also had problems yesterday, but I like my provider MUCH better than webhost4life.

  2. I’m very happy with WebHost4Life.

    I had to work on a client’s server at Interland yesterday; I couldn’t even create subdomains! Yick!

  3. Wow! That’s a long cable line from CA to your computer. 😉 What an increasingly interconnected world we have – sometimes we forget. Tim (my son; Beth’s bro) called me yesterday to let me know the outage didn’t affect San Gabriel (to the West of LA, near Pasadena), so it was pretty local to central LA. He wasn’t sure if the seminary was affected. I think he was hoping to get our of Advanced Hebrew class. 😉

    Hey Doug – Did I read that you go to Merrimack Valley? There is a young woman in my Greek II class at Northeastern who attends MV; she sang at my son’s wedding this summer. Do you know Samantha? She is great – love her! I think she did an internship at Merrimack Valley this past summer, as she is going for her 4 year degree at Northeastern.

  4. I actually attend Tabernacle Baptist in Litchfield. (I was about to explain where Litchfield is in relationn to Nashua, but then I realized that was completely unnecessary.)

    Yes, location doesn’t matter much in the e-world. One of the interesting developments is that Wycliffe Bible translators has been able to virtually abandon short wave radio communication for e-mail. I remember when we used to get calls from the Ham operators who would do a radio phone patch when my sister would “call” from Brazil. It was odd to remember to say, “Over,” when I was done speaking.

  5. Here’s a bit of totally useless and boring info – I used to license the Kindergarten at Tabernacle back when I was a State Social Worker (I licensed Foster Homes, Day Cares and Kindergartens.) I was the one they liked! 😉

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